Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

For some time I've been using this mascara :) I bough it when I ran out of my previous mascara (Maybelline Definite-a-lash mascara) and wanted to try something new. Right at that time they lunched this mascara as well as L'Oreal's Extra Volume Collagen Mascara. So I didn't know which one to take. But than my sister bought L'Oreal's and wasn't completely satisfied with it. So I decided to give a try with the Falsh Lash Effect one. Just the name sounded great, but what about reality?
I always liked that long-false-lashes-effect but because I don't know how to apply them ... I loved the idea of a mascara that could create that effect.
Let's go to the pictures part.

This is how it looks like. It's big.
The brush is 50% bigger (and with more bristles) than any other Max Factor brushes. It's made of some kind of rubber and it gets just the right amount of mascara.
TIP: I bended it a little bit to one side to get even to the smallest lashes.

My right eye without any mascara (you can barely see any lashes) :P

With one layer of mascara. Me like it :)

And with two coats. That's as many coats as I put on. But normally I apply my eyeliner, than a coat of mascara, than I do my eyebrows (in the meantime the mascara dries on the lashes) and only after that I apply another coat. But I didn't wait here so that's why some lashes stick together. If that happens (rarely) I use an old mascara brush (cleaned up) to brush my lashes.

2 layers, semi closed eyes.


+ It really does what it says (it creates that falsh effect look) - I even get some comments If I was wearing falsies (LOL)
+ There is also a waterproof edition (so no worries of smudging it all over your face in water)
+ one layer is more than enough
+ I love the brush, It gets all the way from the root to the tip
+ It's not expensive
+ better than any other mascara I had (and I had many many mascaras)
+ volume + volume + volume + longer lashes!!! :)
+ no lumps
+ rubber brush (love it)
+ many colors to choose from :)

Any cons at all?

- only 1waterproof color to choose from (not really a problem for me)
- They test on animals! :(


Love love love love love it! I'm not planning of changing it unless something better comes out ;) And that may take some time :)

XOXO Parisky


  1. Ooo i have to try this! It looks like it does a great job!

  2. Yes, it's great! :) The best I've ever tried. But I definitely have to try Lancome's :D
    (that one of yours)

  3. I love it! It's one of my all time favorite mascaras! :) x

  4. omg this mascara is awesome.. but i think i cant find max factor in SG? not sure :( i want~~ ahaha


  5. Yes it's the best one so far :)


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