Hello Girls!

I know I've been kind of a bad blogger lately, but I had quite some personal problems :(
So I've decided that I'll dedicate this week just to myself, to cheer me up and than continue with lots of new posts, and hopefully a few of them will be inspirational as well.

So have fun this week,

P.S. In the meantime you can check out my photography blog


NOTD: Butterflies, Butterflies ... We Were Meant to Fly

Hello again :)
This time another manicure :) heh, guess what? It's blue... again :) 
This time I got stuck in my head this song that goes butterflies, butterflies ... we were meant to fly ...
So I had to use a butterfly on my manicure :)

Base: Essence You Belong to Me
Glitter: Essence Topper Circus Confetti

XOXO Parisky

P.S. Now I promise I will do a crazy makeup or something more exciting than just blue NOTD's :P


NOTD: Deborah Sense Tech 100% Mat (10)

This will be a quicky :)
My blue obsession has again gained power :P I absolutely love blue when it gets warmer. Who know why.

This time I'll show you a true mat. It's a gorgeous medium blue with sparkles in it. It also has got an extra fun name aka 10. 
But yet it's pretty.  I needed 1! coat for full opacity, but unfortunately it chipped in the same day :/

XOXO Parisky

Snapshots: Torino, Asti, Alba and Genova

So here is the promised post from our trip to Torino, Asti, Alba and Genova.
I absolutely adore Torino! It's so green! It has got so many parks and green surfaces. Just amazing.
So I'll let do the pictures the speaking.  I just have one comment. It was amazing and extremely fun meeting again my girls <3

It all started with the place where we stayed. Such a beautiful view.

Can you guess that I love blossoming trees?


Gancia wine cellar

Sanja ... mmm it's good. Not. (go check out her perspective of the trip and more pictures)

Fun ;)


Asti ... somewhere


A bit of a shopping spree


Tina, Sanja and Lorena

Posing as me

A gorgeous church (sorry, I listened only a bit :P)

Lorena and Sanja


Kiss kiss

Torino again.. Yup, here you can see my obsession with scarves ... 

In front of the Egyptian museum

A cute little god. I think he was an Egyptian god of dancing, fun and self-love? 
Not sure about the last part, tho.

All the shop windows were Easter themed! So cute!

Shopping time again! Mmm I wanted that chocolate egg so badly!

That's when we bought some macaroons. The chocolate one was divine, but the rest were crap. So no more macaroons for me, thank you.

Had to take a picture of this Lotus car :) It was neon orange! 

Than we headed to the amazing Cinema Museum. Ha, just the 4 of us. 

Girls just want to have fun ;)

Hahaha, ups.

The last day we went to the Genova Aquarium. It was so lovely to see all those animals. I really loved the sea cows :)

Piranhas, they sparkle!

And with this the trip ended ...
Just a bit of fooling around on the bus followed.

Bwahahaha... evil shadow :))

It was fun and I will definitely go again to Torino. Genova didn't impress me, but Torino... ow yeah :)
Have fun!

XOXO Parisky

P.S. Some pictures were taken by Sanja and some by me :)