I know I'm a desperate case of a beauty blogger. I know. :)
But the thing is I still love makeup, I love doing it, wearing it and all the nice feelings you get when you buy something new.

But I really can't bring myself to write anymore about beauty as appearance is so much more. Yes, it's important to look pretty in today's society but it's even more important to feel pretty. No matter what you're wearing or not, no matter what you're doing, because beauty comes from inside out.

And so everyday that passes, I wear a different makeup, sometimes I don't wear it at all, sometimes I just do my brows, sometimes I'll have the full gear on with matching nails and so on. But in these years I've discovered my true passion that follows me wherever I go. 

And what is that?
Creativity. In all forms. For 7 years (more or less) I've been photographing and more and more I want to go professional. I love how people feel special when I do their makeup, I love how I make them laugh, how they show different emotions and how each moment can be special, but usually there is no one to see it.

So I love capturing those "ordinary" scenes, moments and people that pass us by. Some close friends go, some aquaintances become more than that. But that's okay, it's life. It's made of little moments of happiness, sadness, joy, fear, hate, love and everything in between. 

So what's the point of this blog post? To let you know I'm still alive and kicking. To let you know I'm trying to do something creative every moment of my life and most of all to thank you all who followed my blog for so long and supported me from the beginning.

I guess this is a goodbye for this blog but a hello and welcome for my photography blog. You're welcome to follow me there or on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

The upper picture is a sneak peak from my latest edit. 
The lower picture is some of my last photoshoots.

I hope my dream comes true one day and you'll be hearing about me :)
I wish your dreams come true as well and that you'll have all the courage you need to pursue them.



  1. I know it will come true ;) have faith! love you! :*

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