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I've been featured HERE.  That is really a honour! :)  

What they've written:

Style bloggers are visual creatures, conscious of fine details that your run-of-the-mill viewer (myself included!) might simply overlook. They are finely attuned to the compositions and colors that press the aesthetic button in a person’s head that says that looks good!  Read on for photograph-conveyed style and “everything” inspiration, beauty tricks and tips supplemented by images, and videos courtesy of a new media artist’s site.

XOXO Parisky is dedicated to beauty. Whether it’s nails, makeup looks, reviews, or tutorials you’re looking for, this blog’s got it all. Blog Editor Helena’s “About Me” reads:
I love the little things in life that make you feel alive and beautiful! So a vivid makeup, nails, funky jewellery and clothes are essential to me. But it is not all about beauty! I love to read, learn new things and I can’t survive without music and something crafty to do.

Thank you PocketChange! :)



1. Canon EOS 7D
2. Some lenses (Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM, EF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 II USM, EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM)

3. A giant art nouveau looking mirror

4. Makeup case
5. Pretty camera bag
6. Urban Decay naked palette
I know ... this year my wishlist isn't long but it's expensive :(

I support Beauty Bloggers

I support and recognise the beauty bloggers who portray real opinions on products expressing their experiences, obsessions and daily discoveries. 

The way in which we buy products are quickly changing, consumers are becoming more aware and are actually researching products before they buy. The internet is proving to become an invaluable source within the beauty community by raising brand and product awareness. Beauty blogging is helping the consumer to make an informed decision; bloggers are increasing by the minute enabling the consumer / researcher to have a wide variety of written material to read from. 

The majority of Beauty bloggers are not professionals within the sector; they are blogging as a hobby, as a way of therapy. They do not get paid to blog and do it for the love of beauty. This is what separates them from beauty editors, the reason why they started blogging was because they themselves were researching and experimenting with products and realised they had something to share and wanted to voice their opinion. Beauty bloggers love what they do and are genuinely interested in discovering new and existing products, some are ‘professionals’ in their own right, having a qualification in something does not mean you are a professional, however experience talks. 

If you support the beauty blogging community, please add this stamp to your blog if you have one!

New Pictures

Yeeeah, I finally got some new pics :)
This time the photographer was my sister, Tamara.

Lol, I realized I (almost) suck at posing :P
Now you can see my new hair color :)


XOXO Parisky