Lots of snow!

Today I went shopping with my bf :) and on the way back we stopped to take a picture or two (with his mobile phone) of lots and lots of snow. Last night and day it was snowing like crazy and today there is more than half a meter of snow! Woow :) Everything is so peaceful when there is so much snow but the down side is the roads are half unploughed :/

Anyway here are some pictures I took for you to see. It looks like winter fairytale :)
I played a little bit with them in Photoshop (especially the first one) :D

I love snow but I hate freezing up (ironic, huh?) and walking in the melting snow.

What about you? Do you like snow?

XOXO Parisky

NOTD: where is my purple? on tea with the Mad Hatter

I guess you're wondering what's with the title? Well that's just the effect of the weather :P

Just look at it (click)

It's been snowing like crazy the whole night and morning and it is still snowing! The flakes are huuuge!

Now to my NOTD. I felt like removing my last manicure but I was too lazy, so I just "updated" it with Sinful Colors Frenzy and Essie Matte about You. This Frenzy is super funky with light blue and fuchsia glitter in it!

Thank you for looking :)

XOXO Parisky

OOTD: black

Today just a simple outfit of the day, that at the moment is not actually wearable outside (-8 degrees C).

Thank you for looking!

XOXO Parisky

NOTD: where is my purple?

Hello lovelies!
Today I wanted to present you my new manicure. I've used Sinful Colors (Let's talk + I love you and on my ring finger San Francisco and Pearl Harbor).

The application was without a problem (2 coats) but when I wanted to take pictures of my new mani there was an interesting problem. Apparently my bf's mobile phone camera doesn't know how purple looks like (I've tried different angles and light). See for yourself:

Nope, this really looks like indigo blue to me.
You can see how the nail polish really looks like (in bottle) here.

XOXO Parisky


Parisky's dreams: rings and earrings

As you could see in one of my previous posts I've been pretty creative in the past weekend.
I'was making rings (had to try :) and I did a pair of earrings.
I'll present them to you in o particular order:

The earrings, I've tried out some Celtic knots or well whatever that is :)

This is the last one I made and it is the easiest to made.

The first one I made

I didn't like this one when I made it, but now It is one of my favourites!

A very simple one

A little piece of art ;) (it reminds me of a tree in spring)

Playing with more forms and beads

Which one do you like best?

XOXO Parisky


NOTD: raspberries in the fog

Lol for the title, right? :D Fog is gray, so fog for gray. *feels like a smart ass*
I was inspired by my new sports outfit (it's dark gray and pink).
I've used a new frankenpolis (I just named it sparkling fog) and Maybelline Rosy Pink (108). This came out:

I love it! I think gray looks amazing paired with any color because it enhances it! :)

P.S. My google chrome is reporting an error (it crashes) every time I try to ctr+x (cut) an image and I have to rewrite everything! Does anyone have similar problems with it?

I appreciate any commentes!

XOXO Parisky

How I spent my Bday + EOTD: glittery blue

Hello lovely ladies! :)
Thank you all for your nice wishes :)

So how I spent my day? Actually nothing special. I did some jewellery (rings this time and a pair of earrings), learned new techniques for jewellery making, got a lot of best wishes and in the evening I went with my bf to Ljubljana and we went to running sushi & wok. After that we got home and he gave me a biig present:

That day I was wearing all blue: my nails were blue, my eyes were blue, my earrings were blue too and I had a blue ring :)


The actual color was a bit darker but apparently the camera didn't like it :P
- I've used Sweetscents Lover's moon, Make up factory gold (no name?) and Bella Pierre Freeze

And jewellery I wore:

Thank you for looking!

XOXO Parisky

Happy Birthday to -----> me :D

Yay yay ya :D I'm officially 22 :D And I don't feel a day older than 20 ;) Actually I like getting older because off the experience life brings you that I wouldn't trade for anything.

How I hate those people who for their birthday cry how old are they ... ah damn, you're as old as you feel! :D I'll be 20 forever :D

I've digged up some pictures just for you (haha to laugh your ass off) :D

Memories ...

Me (left) and my twin sister Tamara (she's got a beauty blog too)

Than the 2nd birthday came (no idea who is who)

4th birthday. I loved cars (Ferrari was my favourite, now it's Bugatti (actualy there are quite a few), ananas (ananas cake) and I was definitely a tomboy (tomboy forever :D)

Than we grew up a little (carnival). I'm the devil *bwahahaha*

A little older. Fashionistas :D (I'm the right one)

And a little older :D (I'm on the right)
We had fun

And older (10 years here). I'm on the right.

And than I grew up, but inside I'm still a (tomboy) kid :D

(the last picture was taken by Marty)

XOXO Parisky

Contest: Parokeets Birthday

Parokeets blog is celebrating it's first birthday! Yaay for them :)
To celebrate it properly they made a little contest: you can send them your birthday MU or manicure.

The prize?
  1. Zoya polishes: Yasmeen, Tart and Veruschka as well as glass nail file.
  2. Zoya polish Roxy and glass nail file.

For more info click here

XOXO Parisky

Giveaway package arrived! + China Glaze Blue Sparrow NOTD

Yaaaay! :D
The kronicles of a konader had a giveaway and I won :D Christy sent me the package almost a month ago (on the 23 Dec) and I got it today (22 Jan). Wooah. She was more than kind to ask me if I had any food wishes. And I had :D I wanted to try out Sno balls (saw them in a zombie movie) and Twizzlers (saw on how it's made).

I was very excited when my sister called and said I got a huge package (and heavy).

How a Sno ball looks (yummy yummy). For all those who don't know what a Sno ball is: it's a pink marshmallow and shredded coconut covered chocolate cake, filled with crème.
One this little delight has 180 kcal!!!!

What the package contained:

Lots of sugar, 2 pairs of false lashes, lots of colorful glitter, a bag of sparkles

6 Sinful Colors nail polishes, 1 China Glaze nail polish, 1 La Reine nail polish, 2 Rimmel nail polishes, 4 Wetnwild nail polishes (for frankening), a bottle of glitter and Wetnwild Diamond Brilliance (Tamaras Tiaras) -this gloss really surprised me with it's pigmentation!

A closeup of the polishes:
Sinful Colors: Let's talk
Sinful Colors I love you
Sinful Colors Frenzy

Sinful Colors All about you

Sinful Colors San Francisco

Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor

La Reine Pink Royal Glitters

Rimmel Camouflage
Rimmel Pulsating

And my first China Glaze: Blue Sparrow (neon)
With flash
And without (actuall color)
And here is my NOTD:

China Glaze blue sparrow (neon) + Sinful Colors Pearl harbor on my ring finger + Essie Matte about you as a top coat on the rest of the hand

Thank you for looking!

XOXO Parisky