I wish you all

a Happy new year full of new adventures, happiness and joy!

For the past week I have been ill (flu or something) and so I wasn't able to write anything, but I did check your blogs! :)

My new year celebrations were nice (just me and my boyfriend): I prepared a dessert and supper and we waited untill midnight for the fireworks (and gift exchange) when we drank champagne. The weather was foggy and rainy so the fireworks were barely visible :/

Anyway the past year I started doing sports again (yay), went skiing, tried XC skiing (damn it warms you up), started a blog and become more comfortable with myself (what sports does) :) I even met new friends (yay for blogger) and started making jewelery again. Overall I think 2009 was a fine year :)

How was your 2009?

My next blog entry will be another MU contest entry :D and after that some reviews.

Have fun,

XOXO Parisky