Happy Birthday to -----> me :D

Yay yay ya :D I'm officially 22 :D And I don't feel a day older than 20 ;) Actually I like getting older because off the experience life brings you that I wouldn't trade for anything.

How I hate those people who for their birthday cry how old are they ... ah damn, you're as old as you feel! :D I'll be 20 forever :D

I've digged up some pictures just for you (haha to laugh your ass off) :D

Memories ...

Me (left) and my twin sister Tamara (she's got a beauty blog too)

Than the 2nd birthday came (no idea who is who)

4th birthday. I loved cars (Ferrari was my favourite, now it's Bugatti (actualy there are quite a few), ananas (ananas cake) and I was definitely a tomboy (tomboy forever :D)

Than we grew up a little (carnival). I'm the devil *bwahahaha*

A little older. Fashionistas :D (I'm the right one)

And a little older :D (I'm on the right)
We had fun

And older (10 years here). I'm on the right.

And than I grew up, but inside I'm still a (tomboy) kid :D

(the last picture was taken by Marty)

XOXO Parisky


duckalicious said...

vse naj! hude fotke :D

Parisky said...

Duckalicious: Hvala :D hehe ... je bilo zabavno jih spet najt :)

Tamara said...

Hahahahaha fak kere fotke!! :D

Eva Ana said...

ooho! vse najboljse!

hh nc nimam proti smucarjem :D

Parisky said...

Tamara: hahaha itak! :D

Eva Ana: Hvala :D hehe pol sm pa samo jst malo slabo razumela ;)

nihrida said...

Happy B-day! =)

Gejba said...

Happy Birthday!

tina_mbc said...

Happy Birthday for you and your sister! :)


alter muffin said...

Mal zamujam, ampak vseeno...VSE NAJBOLJŠE! Veliko novih, norih idej za make up ter sreče in ljubezni v prihodnosti!!:)

Tali said...

Sretan Rodendan!!!!!! Sve najbolje! (i know you understand!!) xoxoxo

Parisky said...

Nihrida: Thank you :)

Gejba: Thank you!

Tina_mbc: Thank you :)

Alter muffin: ni panike, hvala, kakšna ideja več bi prav prišla ;)

Tali: Fala ti puno ;)