Vote for me :)

In the Battle of the Plastics contest! :) The main prize is 80$ at MAC or Sephora, that would mean a lot of new reviews and pictures and pictures and of course joy!

(Click on the picture)

I'd appreciate any vote! :)

XOXO Parisky


Bombchell said...

goodluck with it!!!!! :) I really loved all your entries, and this kiss pic is my fave in ur set :)

duckalicious said...

I voted for you, not just because I "know" you, but because your entry is one of the best there. good luck!

Maestra said...

You have my vote. ;)

Parisky said...

Bombchell: Thank you! :)

Duckalicious! Thank you, that's such a sweet comment :)

Maestra: Thank you!

Miss LeeAnn said...

Just voted for you Parisky. Good luck! ;)

Parisky said...

Miss LeeAnn: Thank you very much! :)