Giveaway package arrived! + China Glaze Blue Sparrow NOTD

Yaaaay! :D
The kronicles of a konader had a giveaway and I won :D Christy sent me the package almost a month ago (on the 23 Dec) and I got it today (22 Jan). Wooah. She was more than kind to ask me if I had any food wishes. And I had :D I wanted to try out Sno balls (saw them in a zombie movie) and Twizzlers (saw on how it's made).

I was very excited when my sister called and said I got a huge package (and heavy).

How a Sno ball looks (yummy yummy). For all those who don't know what a Sno ball is: it's a pink marshmallow and shredded coconut covered chocolate cake, filled with crème.
One this little delight has 180 kcal!!!!

What the package contained:

Lots of sugar, 2 pairs of false lashes, lots of colorful glitter, a bag of sparkles

6 Sinful Colors nail polishes, 1 China Glaze nail polish, 1 La Reine nail polish, 2 Rimmel nail polishes, 4 Wetnwild nail polishes (for frankening), a bottle of glitter and Wetnwild Diamond Brilliance (Tamaras Tiaras) -this gloss really surprised me with it's pigmentation!

A closeup of the polishes:
Sinful Colors: Let's talk
Sinful Colors I love you
Sinful Colors Frenzy

Sinful Colors All about you

Sinful Colors San Francisco

Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor

La Reine Pink Royal Glitters

Rimmel Camouflage
Rimmel Pulsating

And my first China Glaze: Blue Sparrow (neon)
With flash
And without (actuall color)
And here is my NOTD:

China Glaze blue sparrow (neon) + Sinful Colors Pearl harbor on my ring finger + Essie Matte about you as a top coat on the rest of the hand

Thank you for looking!

XOXO Parisky


Bombchell said...

how cool!!! I wanna win something too!!

Tamara said...

I want sno balls too ._.!! xD

Parisky said...

Bombchell: :D Maybe you'll get lucky :)

Tamara: ccc :D

tina_mbc said...

Oh my, what a package!!! All those sweets and glittery nail polish! That's a whole lot of prettiness in a package!!! :)


Tali said...

AMAZING STUFF!! <3 the polishes and now im hungry! lol

Parisky said...

Tina_mbc: that were my exact words ;) Yes it was a bunch of prettiness! :)

Tali: Yes yes yes! :) I love those polises too :) He he