How I spent my Bday + EOTD: glittery blue

Hello lovely ladies! :)
Thank you all for your nice wishes :)

So how I spent my day? Actually nothing special. I did some jewellery (rings this time and a pair of earrings), learned new techniques for jewellery making, got a lot of best wishes and in the evening I went with my bf to Ljubljana and we went to running sushi & wok. After that we got home and he gave me a biig present:

That day I was wearing all blue: my nails were blue, my eyes were blue, my earrings were blue too and I had a blue ring :)


The actual color was a bit darker but apparently the camera didn't like it :P
- I've used Sweetscents Lover's moon, Make up factory gold (no name?) and Bella Pierre Freeze

And jewellery I wore:

Thank you for looking!

XOXO Parisky


Gaby said...

Hey Parisky! Did I wish you a happy birthday? If I didn't... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D

Blue suits you well ^^

Bombchell said...

those are gorgeous

Parisky said...

Gaby: Thank you! :D

Bombchell: Thanks :)

Mylanqolia said...

Belated happy b-day to you and your sis! I love your eye make up because it's so iridescent and wintery. By the way, I added your blog to my list. Yay!:-)

Parisky said...

Mylanqolia: Thank you honey! :) Yap, I was feeling blue (not sad but like wearing blue) :)

Woah! That is amazing! Thank you! :)