Tag: 5 guys I (used to) like

I was tagged by my sister Tamara and since I love love love tags and this one seemed super fun I had to do it ASAP :)

I actually can't really remember who famous I liked as little, but I can show you who I liked recently and still do ;)

Eye candy coming!!!

Orlando Bloom as Legolas

This was years ago :) C'mon he was an elf, he rode a horse, he had long blond hair and special powers + he had a bow and he knew how to use it!

Johnny Deep

I mean ... who DOESN'T like him? He was especially hot in Edward Scissorhands and as Jack Sparrow. Arr :)

Ed Westwick as Chuck

Actually I think Nate is cuter, but Chuck has got something... attitude?

Jensen Ackless as Dean

No words are needed (just look at the picture).

Brad Pitt

I almost forgot him! Nothing to add here either.

Well there are quite more of them (like David Beckham, Robert Downey Jr, Josh Holloway ...) so too bad this is an only 5 guys tag :P

Now I tag YOU :D

XOXO Parisky


Tali said...

LOL!! I was in LOVE with Legolas (not orlando but the blonde haired elf! ahahahahah)
That was so long ago now!!

Eva Ana said...

nate can die. chuck<3

Bombchell said...

I just finished watching meet joe black, i think brad pitt was the perfect male in that movie, he looked beautiful

Parisky said...

Tali: Of course Legolas, I don't find Orlando Bloom attractive. As Legolas he was so cute (major crush at the time) :D

Eva Ana: Agree ;)

Bombchell: I didn't see it, but I will :) Recently I saw him in Unglorious Basterds and he was still perfect :D

tina_mbc said...

Johnny Depp, Ed Westwick and Brad Pitt...? They 're in my list too... haha! :)


Parisky said...

Tina_mbc: :D

Miss LeeAnn said...

Johnny & Ed. I adore their voices... <3

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Miss LeeAnn: Good choice ;)