Parisky's dream: Purple sky + coastal scents mini haul (mini mini)

That's right :P Another frankenpolish! I bet you can't see them anymore, so this is the last one for a while.
Let's present you Purple sky. It's a purple nail polish with multicolor glitter.
With flash
Without flash
And my mini mini haul. I ordered some things from carodejka (a Slovene page that has Sweet Scents and Coastal Scents), the prices are much higher than originally, but if you order just one or two things you still pay less than on the original site (because the postage comes 15 usd). I've ordered Essie Good to Go (for my friend's birthday), Coastal scents gel liner (grape vine) and a brush for gel liners.
The Good to go isn't on the picture because I already gave it to my friend :)
Some closeups:
And how it looks on the skin.
With flash
Without (less reddish)

Plus today is the last day of my diet! Tomorrow I will measure myself and report about the reached goals.

Thank you for looking.
XOXO Parisky


Parisky's dream: Sparkling grandma

Yes, here is another of my frankenpolishes :) I've named it Sparkling grandma (no idea where that came from). See it for yourself:

With flash
There is only 1 day to go with my diet :) But something is getting me :/ A cold?

Yesterday I went to dinner with my bf and to see New Moon :) I loved it! Jacob has surely got a body to die for!

Thank you for looking!
XOXO Parisky

Gone clubbing + food porn + BBs emergency

Two days ago I went out with my schoolmates :) It was awesome because we danced all night.
This were my EOTD and my OOTD. I choose a soft smoky eyes and well a black and red combination for my outfit (I'm wearing back shorts). When we went into this club, I realized I was overdressed! It was very crowded and hot! Plus we danced all night so ... overdressed.

And for the end some food porn just for you :D I've made dinner today. This is what I came out with. Filled zucchini with tuna and cheese.
In the making of

And on the plate

P.S. I've been looking around for BBs (those little steel balls) around here, but you can't find them! That is unbelievable :/ I need them for my frankenpolishes, because they won't mix well without them. Heeelp!

Thank you for looking
XOXO Parisky


Parisky's dream: Barbie blue

What's that? I gave my frankenpolishes a name, yay :D I bought a white base and added greece and money pigments form Bella Pierre. I like it very much :) I love pastels colors and this one is kind of a neon pastel. It reminds me of a Barbie blue color, that's why I named it Barbie blue.It is something in between blue and green.

With flash
On the sun
Thank you for looking!

XOXO Parisky

FOTD raccoon eyes + NOTD orange country

It was time for another FOTD :) Since I had already on a black eye pencil, I went for a strong smoky eyes :) Here is a fancy photo :D I love black and white photos! They give the subject more depth.

And a more artistic interpretation of it :)

How do you like it?

And here is a not fancy picture :P

And two closeups
As you can see really nothing special, but it still makes a great impact :)

Let's pass to my NOTD. Here is what I've used as a base
I don't know what it's called, but as soon as I find out, I'll write it here.
And the upgraded version with a goldish (S-he) nail polish:

Right now I'm working on some new frankenpolishes :D Here is how the first phase looks like- fun! :)
Thank you for looking!
XOXO Parisky

Congratualtions Nicole!

Today I watched the ANTM Cycle 13 till the end. Nicole is the winner as you may already know! She was my favourite since the beginning. I've seen Laura as a girl with potential (and she surely does have it) and Nicole as a top model. But there is definitely one thing that Nicole lacks and Laura has: personality. Ah well, you can't have everything they say.

So congratulations to Nicole, the girl with such amazing photos and the winner of America's next top model

Thank you for looking.

XOXO Parisky

NOTD glittery purple bazaar + colorama + FOTD random

Hello ladies! :) Today was the 19th day of my diet that means there are only 12 days to go :D The diet is going great so far and I've been exercising regularly for the past 19 days :D Today I went running/walking on a treadmill (too lazy to actually run today) and to Body Jam. It was AMAZING! I love body jam :D You come in a bad mood/lazy and you leave happy and full of energy!

Anyway today I'll present you my little voodoo vampire keychain, some NOTDs and a FOTD.
Isn't he a funny little guy? :D
Here is my yesterday's NOTD. I borrowed this color from a schoolmate :D It's from Colorama (Maybelline) but I don't know the name or number. It is a pretty shiny purple.
Unfortunately it chipped pretty quickly so I applied on top of it my frankenpolish purple bazaar (improved with glitter). This was the result:
The actual color is actually pretty hard to capture and the little square on the right is pretty close to it. If you'll check the link to my frankenpolish you can see it's actual color (it's a more warm purple than blueish).

And finally to my today's FOTD. I've used purple eyeshadow for my eyes and a hot pink for my lips. I'm not really sure you can see the eye shadow on this pictures :/ Ah, mobile phone's camera .... I'll do another EOTD this weekend :D

My sister commented this picture with: It's a pretty picture but you look stoned. LOL
So here is (hopefully) a better one.
This is all for today.
Thank you for looking,
XOXO Parisky


NOTD Manhattan duochrome green

Hello lovely ladies :)
This time I'll present you my first green nail polish that I bought more than a year ago and never wore till now. Now I think it's gorgeous!

With flash

Upgraded with small black flowers (with flash)
Thank you for looking!
XOXO Parisky

Beauty haul +NOTD Nfuoh + Essence Moonlight + OOTD

Hello darlings :) I'll start with my haul *guilty*.

I got some new brushes :) I love them all!
Than I got a new mascara (the same as before), little razors for eyebrows, a corrector circle from wet n'wild, a natural powder from wet n'wild, an eyebrows set from wet n'wild (I've heard amazing things of it), a nail polish from Essence moonlight collection, a moleskine diary (red!) and some other random things.

Now to my OOTD. Remember this necklace? I got it from a giveaway (can't believe I actually won something) and I love it! Don't mind the mess in the background :) The red shirt matched my glasses :D (and my coat)

And now to my NOTDs :) The first one is Nfuoh (NFU 61) Gorgeous, isn't it?
With flash


And Essence 02 Into the night. Sorry for the sloppy application, I was in a hurry.

I have some news for you about my life :) I have started going to fitness (again) and I'm on a diet :D Now it's the second week and some schoolmates have already noticed some weight loss (really??). Lately I feel like a busy bee between university, homework, fitness and other small things.

How was your Tuesday like?

Thanks for looking.
XOXO Parisky

Little puppy little dog ♥

I've found this pictures on my computer. This is our doggy Trixy when she was little (pics by Tamara)

And this is how she looks like now

And my pictures of her

As you can see she doesn't like to be photographed with a big camera (she hides or runs away) :P But after a while she gets really posy

Now to my chinchilla when she was little

When she was big

Thanks for looking :)
XOXO Parisky