Beauty haul +NOTD Nfuoh + Essence Moonlight + OOTD

Hello darlings :) I'll start with my haul *guilty*.

I got some new brushes :) I love them all!
Than I got a new mascara (the same as before), little razors for eyebrows, a corrector circle from wet n'wild, a natural powder from wet n'wild, an eyebrows set from wet n'wild (I've heard amazing things of it), a nail polish from Essence moonlight collection, a moleskine diary (red!) and some other random things.

Now to my OOTD. Remember this necklace? I got it from a giveaway (can't believe I actually won something) and I love it! Don't mind the mess in the background :) The red shirt matched my glasses :D (and my coat)

And now to my NOTDs :) The first one is Nfuoh (NFU 61) Gorgeous, isn't it?
With flash


And Essence 02 Into the night. Sorry for the sloppy application, I was in a hurry.

I have some news for you about my life :) I have started going to fitness (again) and I'm on a diet :D Now it's the second week and some schoolmates have already noticed some weight loss (really??). Lately I feel like a busy bee between university, homework, fitness and other small things.

How was your Tuesday like?

Thanks for looking.
XOXO Parisky


Tali said...

That outfit looks so great! You do not need a diet.. i think you look perfect. Sexy!.. noone likes women to be toooo skinny! (like me who has no boobs and no ass.. its just depressing!!)

Nice haul.. in partiular the brushes look like you chose great ones... keep us updated how they are!

Emily said...

wow great stuff u got

and omg!! love your hair, its so pretty!!

wah!!! and your nails, >_< i love that color!!!!!

Aralka said...

i love the first nail polish! like a mirror!

Mylanqolia said...

Oh, I didn't know that your wear glasses! They look really good on you. Nice haul, btw but I have to warn you about the Mueller e/s brush. It's rubbish because it loses hairs, is scratchy and swallows e/s. Maybe you can handle it.:-)

Tamara said...

Yap, shujsala si :)! Jaz tuuudiii hocm! Ufa, daj napisi mi to dieto, ki ne sme bit dieta, ampak lifestyle! jaoo.

Mylanqolia: I have those brushes, and they work Ok, it's true they lose lots of hair, but untill I get new ones (I have 4 of them that are the same) I will survive xD!

Parisky said...

Tali: Thank you so much for the compliments! :) I think you are gorgeous! And definitely not depressing :P Thanks! I will post some more pictures on the weekend :)

Emily: Thank you for the comment! :) Thank you thank you and thank you! :D

Aralka: Yes, I love it too :) It's very pretty but it doesn't last very long :/

Mylanqolia: Yes, I wear glasses but normally I'd wear contact lenses :) This was just an exception :P I have one Muller's brush (I got one identical) and it is my favourite brush (it didn't loose hair at all). I think it really depends which one you choose :) Thank you for the warning.

Tamara: Yaay :D bom bom

All girls: Thank you for your comments! :)