Cosmetic Haul + NOTD

I've been busy again hauling! :)

I got myself a BB cream because my sister said it almost works miracles. I've tried it once and it smells really good (like lemon grass) plus it makes your skin look flawless! :) I also got some Bella Pierre mineral eye shadows (yay for my first mineral eye shadows!) because I was a model for a friend and she actually got 2nd in a Bella Pierre contest. She was kind enough to give some of the prizes to me too :) Thank you! I've chosen this colors:

This is how it look like opened.
When I was choosing the colors from their page they really seemed pigmented. Unfortunately some of them are are almost invisible. See for yourselves (I have applied tons of the product).

With flash
I really like freeze and greece :) I think I'll do a makeup with them.

And my today nails inspired by pumpkins :)

I've used my two new nail polishes (S-he)

XOXO Parisky


Vanilla said...

yeay for ur first bb cream and mineral pigments !haha those color swatches are so pretty !did u use any base?:)

Parisky said...

Vanilla: Yay! :) Thank you :) No, I didn't use any base. Actually I never do :P
But sometimes I mix my eyeshadows with visine (stays on longer than if you mix it with water).

Vanilla said...

really?i shud try use visine !hehe
did u use visine there in the pict?hehe
um im not sure,its adavance repair serum but i got one also advance repair but also whitening ,i think my blemish and redness are reduced faster than usual,i mean WAYYY faster
yeay !hehehhe

Parisky said...

Vanilla: no on the pic are just the pigments straight from the jar :)
That sounds interesting *runs in the store*

Monica said...

I love BB creams, I use the Mishha one.

Siilike said...

I think Bella Pierre is a rip off... I've seen these colors sold for a lot cheaper. I really suggest to check out TKB Trading.

Parisky said...

Siilike: Yes I know Bella Pierre is definitely a rip off and personally I wouldn't buy anything from them, but this was a gift I got because I was part of a winning photographer team (we got 2nd). :)