Parisky's dream: Purple sky + coastal scents mini haul (mini mini)

That's right :P Another frankenpolish! I bet you can't see them anymore, so this is the last one for a while.
Let's present you Purple sky. It's a purple nail polish with multicolor glitter.
With flash
Without flash
And my mini mini haul. I ordered some things from carodejka (a Slovene page that has Sweet Scents and Coastal Scents), the prices are much higher than originally, but if you order just one or two things you still pay less than on the original site (because the postage comes 15 usd). I've ordered Essie Good to Go (for my friend's birthday), Coastal scents gel liner (grape vine) and a brush for gel liners.
The Good to go isn't on the picture because I already gave it to my friend :)
Some closeups:
And how it looks on the skin.
With flash
Without (less reddish)

Plus today is the last day of my diet! Tomorrow I will measure myself and report about the reached goals.

Thank you for looking.
XOXO Parisky