FOTD Mermaid look + NOTD

I wanted to do a mermaid look for ages but couldn't find the time/camera.
I went for a simple look (actually wereable except the lipstick) :)
I've used Greece, Freeze and Money from Bella Pierre.

a closeup of the eyes and lips

and a silly face

I wanted to try the Nfuoh nail polishes for ages! My sister has got 2 so she lent me one :D

It totally matched my mermaid look :)

Thanks for looking :)
XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

kul nohti ;)

Mylanqolia said...

Wow, the lips are amazing!!! How did you do that? It totally looks mermaidish! Btw, I love the 5th picture. It rocks.

Parisky said...

Tamara: seveda so :P

Mylanqolia: Thank you! I've used the same color as on the eyes. First I applied some gloss and on it the mineral makeup.
Haha thank you :) I think it is hilarious :D