Another retouch + polyvore Marilyn Monroe

Hi there again! :) I did another retouch today (actually I finished it a couple of minutes ago)
I have got no idea why the picture is so small :( check it here

And I did another polyvore picture :)
This time about Marilyn Monroe, the biggest inspiration EVER.
So, tomorrow I'll write about her :)

XOXO Parisky


I forgot to show you what I did 2 days ago :) I did a retouch after a long time :)
You can see here my other retouches.

I didn't do much, just a few corrections here and there :)
XOXO Parisky

Summer's must have

I have discovered Polyvore! It's amazing! Fashion and art in one! What would you want more :)
So I have made what I think are this summer's must have :)

I think if you click on it you can see from which brand (and how much it costs) is what.

Okay so here we go:

1. tunics! I think they're perfect for summer, because you can wear them one the beach or when going out (maybe with a nice belt, leggings and high heels) and they suit every figure! :)
2. gladiator's shoes! We've seen them before and we still love them. Flat for day and high heels for clubbing :)
3. Leggings! We've been seeing those all year but now those ripped ones are IN :) Combine them with a tunic/shorts/skirt/looong shirt and you're ready to go :)
4. Ripped jeans! It's back :) And I love it, it looks a little bit grunge but it's very fashonable :)
5. waist beKrepkolts! I love love love love them! I can't say enough how much I love them :) They make an outfit instantly from drag to fab :) And they optically make you a waist and a hour-glass figure.
6. swimsuit! This year still trendy monokinis and bikinis if you're figure isn't as perfect as a model's (*sob sob*). I think this summer we should go on the beach with bold prints and colors :) It's summer! :)
7. straw bags! They're so cute! And not to mention practical :) You can even use them for clubbing (the small one with a ribbon)
8. flowers in my hair! They're so cute and feminine! :) They come in different shapes and sizes (like we do) ♥
9. last but not least, glasses! Any shape and color :) I love the mosquito ones, the nerd glasses (*droll*) and aviators. The bigger the better :)

When I made this polyvore collage I looked for cheaper clothes/items, because fashion trends change every season, so why spend more if there's a chance for less?

XOXO Parisky

Review: Essence anti-spot body spray

Hello girls! :) As promised here is another review and this time I'll be doing a review about Essence anti-spot body spray for decollte, shoulders and back from the pure skin collection.

It says: essence pure skin with clearderm-complex for beautiful and pure skin.
Here's why: this antibacterial, oil-free spray has been especially developed for an use on decollte, shoulders and back. The mosturizing formula containing fruit extracts works skin calming and helps to decay impurities. Helps to prevent new impurities.
Here's how: apply after shower on affected areas and allow to dry. For persistant impurities use essence pure skin anti-spot gel. This special pump can be used upside down in order to perfectly reach affected areas.

And now what I think of it :)
After I had stopped using the pill :P, I got some problems with my skin :/
My sister told me about Clinique and their anti-spot spray but it seemed too expensive (around 30 €) but THAN Essence got this baby and for around 2,5 € (not sure) it does exactly (it's better) the same thing as the one from Clinque.
I've been using it for around 5 months and I love it (I'm on my 3rd bottle right now :P)! And I've been using it every day :)
It really does what it promises :)

+ It works!
+ It's cheap
+ It's the exact same thing as the one from Clinique, it just doesn't smell that bad
+ It's easy to use (pump)
+ It's dermatologically tested (but not on animals!)
+ It lasts loooong

- It has got an alchol smell
- They don't make it anymore :(

Overall: I love it! ♥♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥


Michael Jackson R.I.P.

Tonight the kind pop Michael Jackson died. Shall he rest in peace.

NOTD french manicure with rhinestones

This are my nails of the day :)

I have used the Essence french manicure pastel set and Essence stampy set + pink rhinestones
I hope you like it.

XOXO Parisky

Celebrity tattoos

Because now I have plenty of time, I will write something about tattoos and especially celebrity tattoos.
Tattooos are known for a very long time and recently I believe tattoos have lost somewhat their stigma of strange/dangerous/trashy.
If you're interested in some history click here.

But now let's go to some of my favourite celebrity tattoos:

This is Rihanna's recent hand tribal tattoo

But I like all her back tattoos :) And that love one is really cute :)

Kat Von D stars tattoo on her face is just gorgeous :)

Megan Fox ribs tattoo, because it looks sexy even though the meaning is like whatever ...

Angelina Jolie: I love love love loooove her back tattoos (especially that on her left shoulder blade). I believe she started the tattoo trend.

And what are your favourite ones?

XOXO Parisky

Finally it's over! + NOTD

Hi girls! :) How do you do? :) I'm finally done with my exams! Today I had my last exam and I passed it :) Well I still don't know how did 2 of my exams go :/
Ok in the meantime I had changed the color of my nails several times :)
Here are the pictures:

This is Essence's 05 flashy pink

This is the same as above + Essence colour & go 13 shocking blue

And this is the same as above just with Essence Stampy Set :)

So you can see I wasn't really bored :P :)
Soon there will be more blog entries! :)

XOXO Parisky


I've got tagged by CherryColors :) I have to list 7 things I like the most :)
So here we go:

1. Animals: I love love love animals! :) I was actually thinking of becoming a veterinary. I had a chinchilla that passed away :(, I had a rabbit, a hamster, a guinea pig and 3 cats. Here is picture of my cinchilla

2. Photography: I have discovered the world of photography almost a year ago (well not really), since than I'm trying to improve. Especially I love fashion photography :) You can see my pictures here: www.parisky.deviantart.com

3. Makeup and nail polishes: Before I discovered makeup tips and all kinds of nail polishes I had only like a mascara, a limited edition Manhattan green eyeshadow palette and tops a black eyepencil. And form nail polishes? They were all a shade of cherry red color :P But since I started to photograph I met this makeup artis that inspired me to take more risks and try something new. And thanks god! :) :P :) I can't live whitout makeup anymore! This is my favourite palette ever!

4. Fashion: What is more to say? It changes every season and sometimes it gets a little wild :)

5. Sports: Even though I get a little lazy sometimes (right now) I love all kind of sports :) I like rollerblading, volleyball, swimming and lately I've started to run :) And here is the reason why should all women love sports :P

6. Internet: We can find many marvelous things on it! :) Like all the blogs and tips and well whatever you can imagine ;)

7. Books: I love reading books! :)

Now, I tag YOU :)
XOXO Parisky

Test with Essence stampy set

Hi girls :) How are you? :)
This week is pretty hectic but I still find the time to do my nails :P :)
Yesterday I tried out this Essence stampy set and finally get the hang of it! Here are the results (don't look at my horrible nails, because I'll clean them up today) :)

XOXO Parisky


NOTD: yellow + hearts

Hello there! :) No, I'm not dead I'm just studying because I have lots of exams coming (so you'll be hearing from me a little less i these two weeks).
2 days ago I painted my nails with that yellow S-he nail I bought few days ago :)
And? I didn't like it really so I added those little hearts. And I still didn't like it too much :P
Right now I've got bright pink nalis (the Essence nail polish I bought the same day as the yellow)
Here are some pics:

And before I forget :) I got the new Essence stamping kit (like the one from Konad) :) So soon you can eypect a review :)


EOTD: gold + pink look

Yesterday I was so bored and I wanted to do something :) So I applied on some makeup and took some pictures of it! I did a gold base and than added some pink :) I think it's perfect for summer!

I've used:
  • Makeup factory gold eyeshadow
  • Gosh waterproof white eyeshadow (instead of a primer)
  • Manhattan perfect eyes pink eyeshadow
  • Coastal Scents 88 pallet (I love love love looooove it! It's perfect and it has got such pigmented colors)
  • Essence black eyeliner
  • Maxfactor false lash effect mascara


Fashion trends: Women in menswear

I love love love looooove this trend :)
Maybe because I feel very close to the tomboy trends and I love classic and elegant dresses. So I belive this is the perfect combo! I especially love men shirts with a nice belt (it gives it a nice safari touch). I have bought this nice white men shirt and combined it today with a red belt with white butterflies :P :)
I also love waistcoats and men jackets :) I love all combinations with menswear with a femine twist (high-waisted skirts, trousers, a belt worn on your waist, jackets and of course high heels!)
So here are some examples of menswear on women.

I like the right girl and her square pattern.
The left girl has got such a nice cardigan and baggy pants :)

Gorgeous gorgeous georgeous! Lovin' all of it!

Lovin' the jacket

And here is a small glossary of tailor expressions:

Boot cut - A '70s pant silhouette that slightly flares at the hemline. Teens wore them last year, now they're a fashion staple that in a weird way minimizes a woman's hips. They look great with stiletto-heeled ankle boots.

Buttons - You'll hear tailors talk about a jacket being a single-button or four-button or double-breasted. Here's the deal. A single button usually creates a deep ``V'' and is elegant and slimming to most women, especially if worn unbuttoned. Three- or four-button styles are more trendy but require a lean, flat-chested body to look their best, and double-breasted jackets (don't wear them unbuttoned) look best on a narrow-hipped figure.

Button-down shirt - A button-down oxford-cloth shirt is very preppy and great with a blazer, but don't wear it with a suit. It's a fashion faux pas, even when you're only playing with menswear.

Chalk stripes - Stripes that look like a chalk mark, wider and softer than a

Carnaby Street - When you hear people saying something is ``very Carnaby Street,'' they mean it's colorful, loud, gaudy and fun. It refers to the '60s era in England, when Carnaby Sreet was the world's fashion front.

Chesterfield - Originally, this beltless overcoat - named for the
Earl of Chesterfield - was worn to make a political statement, but now it's a classic noted for its black velvet collar. For fall '97, you'll see plenty of Chesterfield-inspired jackets, but usually they're short and fitted, worn with a skirt instead of trousers.

Cuffs - If you're going for the classic man-tailored suit, like those by Ralph Lauren, you'll want a lean leg that tapers down to a narrow cuff. Nothing big and floppy or too ``Annie Hall.'' And wear them with square-toed oxford pumps, or if you're feeling really retro, try a dark Hush Puppy or penny loafer. P.S.: You'll look taller and thinner if the hems of your trousers brush the top of your shoes and hit mid-heel in the back. Derby (also called bowler) - The hat of the moment if you're a fan of menswear-for-her. Wear it tipped over one eye for a really
jaunty look. Fedoras are cool, too.

Dress shirt - That's referring to a white fine gauge cotton shirt, but colors are in again, especially deep blue. Wear it with a loosely tied tie or open at the neck.

French cuff - A turned back cuff held together with cufflinks. It's very now, and should extend from your suit jacket about a half-inch.

Hacking jacket (also called riding coat) - It's longer than a regular suit coat and hides thunder thighs while accenting a small waist. You'll see it often this year in
stretchy fabrics with full, fluid pants.

Iridescent fabrics - Something from the Peacock Revolution of the '60s that's making a comeback with edgy menswear designers like Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss.

Pinstripes - Very narrow stripes, usually in white or gray.

Pocket square - That little piece of colored silk that gets stuffed in the upper pocket of the jacket. A hot accessory in the '80s, it's back, and looks best when it doesn't match the tie. A neatly folded white hanky is a classic alternative that goes with anything.

So this is it :) What do you think girls? :)

XOXO Parisky

Fashion icons: Victoria Becham

Today I'll be talking about Victoria Beckham as a Fashion Icon :)
I know many people won't agree with me, but I think she really is a fashion icon.
Just look at this picture

She has got amazing shoes! :) and the skirt is just something very elegant yet girly :)
Well, I love everything about her, except for her breasts implants and no bra (and her anorexia issues).
I think that she has proven herself with outstanding outfits and inimmaginable combinations :) And we all know who started the pixie haircut trend :)

And here are some other pictures of her:

So what do you think girls?