Summer's must have

I have discovered Polyvore! It's amazing! Fashion and art in one! What would you want more :)
So I have made what I think are this summer's must have :)

I think if you click on it you can see from which brand (and how much it costs) is what.

Okay so here we go:

1. tunics! I think they're perfect for summer, because you can wear them one the beach or when going out (maybe with a nice belt, leggings and high heels) and they suit every figure! :)
2. gladiator's shoes! We've seen them before and we still love them. Flat for day and high heels for clubbing :)
3. Leggings! We've been seeing those all year but now those ripped ones are IN :) Combine them with a tunic/shorts/skirt/looong shirt and you're ready to go :)
4. Ripped jeans! It's back :) And I love it, it looks a little bit grunge but it's very fashonable :)
5. waist beKrepkolts! I love love love love them! I can't say enough how much I love them :) They make an outfit instantly from drag to fab :) And they optically make you a waist and a hour-glass figure.
6. swimsuit! This year still trendy monokinis and bikinis if you're figure isn't as perfect as a model's (*sob sob*). I think this summer we should go on the beach with bold prints and colors :) It's summer! :)
7. straw bags! They're so cute! And not to mention practical :) You can even use them for clubbing (the small one with a ribbon)
8. flowers in my hair! They're so cute and feminine! :) They come in different shapes and sizes (like we do) ♥
9. last but not least, glasses! Any shape and color :) I love the mosquito ones, the nerd glasses (*droll*) and aviators. The bigger the better :)

When I made this polyvore collage I looked for cheaper clothes/items, because fashion trends change every season, so why spend more if there's a chance for less?

XOXO Parisky