Review: Essence anti-spot body spray

Hello girls! :) As promised here is another review and this time I'll be doing a review about Essence anti-spot body spray for decollte, shoulders and back from the pure skin collection.

It says: essence pure skin with clearderm-complex for beautiful and pure skin.
Here's why: this antibacterial, oil-free spray has been especially developed for an use on decollte, shoulders and back. The mosturizing formula containing fruit extracts works skin calming and helps to decay impurities. Helps to prevent new impurities.
Here's how: apply after shower on affected areas and allow to dry. For persistant impurities use essence pure skin anti-spot gel. This special pump can be used upside down in order to perfectly reach affected areas.

And now what I think of it :)
After I had stopped using the pill :P, I got some problems with my skin :/
My sister told me about Clinique and their anti-spot spray but it seemed too expensive (around 30 €) but THAN Essence got this baby and for around 2,5 € (not sure) it does exactly (it's better) the same thing as the one from Clinque.
I've been using it for around 5 months and I love it (I'm on my 3rd bottle right now :P)! And I've been using it every day :)
It really does what it promises :)

+ It works!
+ It's cheap
+ It's the exact same thing as the one from Clinique, it just doesn't smell that bad
+ It's easy to use (pump)
+ It's dermatologically tested (but not on animals!)
+ It lasts loooong

- It has got an alchol smell
- They don't make it anymore :(

Overall: I love it! ♥♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥