Fashion trends: Women in menswear

I love love love looooove this trend :)
Maybe because I feel very close to the tomboy trends and I love classic and elegant dresses. So I belive this is the perfect combo! I especially love men shirts with a nice belt (it gives it a nice safari touch). I have bought this nice white men shirt and combined it today with a red belt with white butterflies :P :)
I also love waistcoats and men jackets :) I love all combinations with menswear with a femine twist (high-waisted skirts, trousers, a belt worn on your waist, jackets and of course high heels!)
So here are some examples of menswear on women.

I like the right girl and her square pattern.
The left girl has got such a nice cardigan and baggy pants :)

Gorgeous gorgeous georgeous! Lovin' all of it!

Lovin' the jacket

And here is a small glossary of tailor expressions:

Boot cut - A '70s pant silhouette that slightly flares at the hemline. Teens wore them last year, now they're a fashion staple that in a weird way minimizes a woman's hips. They look great with stiletto-heeled ankle boots.

Buttons - You'll hear tailors talk about a jacket being a single-button or four-button or double-breasted. Here's the deal. A single button usually creates a deep ``V'' and is elegant and slimming to most women, especially if worn unbuttoned. Three- or four-button styles are more trendy but require a lean, flat-chested body to look their best, and double-breasted jackets (don't wear them unbuttoned) look best on a narrow-hipped figure.

Button-down shirt - A button-down oxford-cloth shirt is very preppy and great with a blazer, but don't wear it with a suit. It's a fashion faux pas, even when you're only playing with menswear.

Chalk stripes - Stripes that look like a chalk mark, wider and softer than a

Carnaby Street - When you hear people saying something is ``very Carnaby Street,'' they mean it's colorful, loud, gaudy and fun. It refers to the '60s era in England, when Carnaby Sreet was the world's fashion front.

Chesterfield - Originally, this beltless overcoat - named for the
Earl of Chesterfield - was worn to make a political statement, but now it's a classic noted for its black velvet collar. For fall '97, you'll see plenty of Chesterfield-inspired jackets, but usually they're short and fitted, worn with a skirt instead of trousers.

Cuffs - If you're going for the classic man-tailored suit, like those by Ralph Lauren, you'll want a lean leg that tapers down to a narrow cuff. Nothing big and floppy or too ``Annie Hall.'' And wear them with square-toed oxford pumps, or if you're feeling really retro, try a dark Hush Puppy or penny loafer. P.S.: You'll look taller and thinner if the hems of your trousers brush the top of your shoes and hit mid-heel in the back. Derby (also called bowler) - The hat of the moment if you're a fan of menswear-for-her. Wear it tipped over one eye for a really
jaunty look. Fedoras are cool, too.

Dress shirt - That's referring to a white fine gauge cotton shirt, but colors are in again, especially deep blue. Wear it with a loosely tied tie or open at the neck.

French cuff - A turned back cuff held together with cufflinks. It's very now, and should extend from your suit jacket about a half-inch.

Hacking jacket (also called riding coat) - It's longer than a regular suit coat and hides thunder thighs while accenting a small waist. You'll see it often this year in
stretchy fabrics with full, fluid pants.

Iridescent fabrics - Something from the Peacock Revolution of the '60s that's making a comeback with edgy menswear designers like Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss.

Pinstripes - Very narrow stripes, usually in white or gray.

Pocket square - That little piece of colored silk that gets stuffed in the upper pocket of the jacket. A hot accessory in the '80s, it's back, and looks best when it doesn't match the tie. A neatly folded white hanky is a classic alternative that goes with anything.

So this is it :) What do you think girls? :)

XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

Jaz bi tudiiiii ampak sem broke broke broke :(((

Whit said...

i agree- i love this trend too!!

William said...

Menswear for men ; womenswear for women ; why the covetness and jealousy of women to dress in drag the last 50 years ? Females have a much broader scope of fashion selection within menswear than males have , not to mention the option in dressing in historical feminine fashion which of course in not used by most men because we know it is not right to be a transvestite; something that most females strive for the last 50 years !

Anonymous said...

People can dress however they wish. William, you need to broaden your outlook. I love wearing men's clothes and dislike women's short, wide shirts. They don't fit correctly.