EOTD: gold + pink look

Yesterday I was so bored and I wanted to do something :) So I applied on some makeup and took some pictures of it! I did a gold base and than added some pink :) I think it's perfect for summer!

I've used:
  • Makeup factory gold eyeshadow
  • Gosh waterproof white eyeshadow (instead of a primer)
  • Manhattan perfect eyes pink eyeshadow
  • Coastal Scents 88 pallet (I love love love looooove it! It's perfect and it has got such pigmented colors)
  • Essence black eyeliner
  • Maxfactor false lash effect mascara


Miss LeeAnn said...

Woooo! Obo┼żujem tvoje trepalnice! Noro lepe in dolge. :)))

In pa aborable award na moji strani:


Tamara said...

Se ne vidi dobro D:

Parisky said...

Hvala :) glede vidljivosti pa ne morem nic naredit ce je crappy camera ... :P