I've got tagged by CherryColors :) I have to list 7 things I like the most :)
So here we go:

1. Animals: I love love love animals! :) I was actually thinking of becoming a veterinary. I had a chinchilla that passed away :(, I had a rabbit, a hamster, a guinea pig and 3 cats. Here is picture of my cinchilla

2. Photography: I have discovered the world of photography almost a year ago (well not really), since than I'm trying to improve. Especially I love fashion photography :) You can see my pictures here: www.parisky.deviantart.com

3. Makeup and nail polishes: Before I discovered makeup tips and all kinds of nail polishes I had only like a mascara, a limited edition Manhattan green eyeshadow palette and tops a black eyepencil. And form nail polishes? They were all a shade of cherry red color :P But since I started to photograph I met this makeup artis that inspired me to take more risks and try something new. And thanks god! :) :P :) I can't live whitout makeup anymore! This is my favourite palette ever!

4. Fashion: What is more to say? It changes every season and sometimes it gets a little wild :)

5. Sports: Even though I get a little lazy sometimes (right now) I love all kind of sports :) I like rollerblading, volleyball, swimming and lately I've started to run :) And here is the reason why should all women love sports :P

6. Internet: We can find many marvelous things on it! :) Like all the blogs and tips and well whatever you can imagine ;)

7. Books: I love reading books! :)

Now, I tag YOU :)
XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

Cincaa...!:( booohooooo lahko bi imeli novo, ki bi bila crne barve in bi se imenovala Fabolous Dark in mi bi jo klicali kar Fab :((((