My ebay experience

Have you ever purchased anything from eBay? I have :) And I must really say I love the site and everything you can find on it! From clothes to vintage and antique things, even rarities! Not to mention everything in between.
When I discovered eBay at first I was a little bit sceptical because of all those stories of people paying and never receiving a thing and the shopkeeper just disappearing... So I was really sceptical. But after I tried it out and received the first package super fast (in about a week or so) I was more than happy :) Since my first order I have purchased many more things and mostly got them, but after more than a month I'm still waiting on a mobile phone silicone cover! That makes me so angry, because eBay automatically removes everything that hasn't been rated (you have to leave a feedback) after a month! And tell me, how am I supposed to leave a feedback to something I have still not received? So I have written to the seller and he replied that I should wait some more ... doh! But that's it! On Friday I will leave my first negative feedback if the item is still not here (more than 30 WORKING days have passed). So I really hope the thing will get here until Friday.
The seller said something about our customs too, but that is definitely not the case with this order, because I have ordered lots of things AFTER ordering this one and all of those have already come! Even if they have been checked by out customs (they put on a stamp saying Slovene customs).

Well anyway till now I have ordered some false lashes (remember I have to learn how to apply them :D), the face cleaning pad (silicone), a ring (not what I expected but ah well) a pore cleanser (that does nothing) and 2 display practice nail wheels (so I can see what nail polishes do I own).

ASAP as I come home I will take some pictures :) Right now I'm still waiting to a pair of earrings (look at the picture) and another ring beside the pink silicone Nokia cell phone cover!

Before I forget here is a small tip: you have to look at the feedback the seller has received before ordering anything. So you don't fall for one of those lost/never shipped sellers.
But as I was exploring eBay I saw lots of strange selling things. The one that bothers me is that positive feedback can be bought for as low as 1 dollar?! And if you're a seller that is definitely worthwhile.

Did you have any negative experience with eBay?

XOXO Parisky

Mini haul: sugar rush + new nail polish

Here is another mini haul :) This week I'm really crawling for sweets so I HAD to buy some sweet things. And while I was at that store I got this gorgeous nail polish too! It was on sale (the whole Maybelline ForeverStrong collection) from 6.30 € to 4 €. I was looking at this nail polish for 2 months but I have so many nail polishes in my collection, especially pink toned, so I really didn't need another pink nail polish. But it was soooo gorgeous! And now I have it! :) Happy happy happy :) Sometimes I feel like a kid, who gets happy with little things :) I would loved some more nail polishes in my collection, but none of the Maybelline collection didn't attract me :/

Anyway here is the sugar rush mini haul:

And the NOTD Maybelline Forever strong in color Rose Fuschia Rosy Pink (180). It's so strange it has got two names?
It's a raspberry pink ♥
The pics were taken with a cellphone :)

With flash
On the sun (actually this is the most truthful shot of this color)
I really like the new brush! It makes the nail polish applying so much easier (but I'm still really clumsy as you can see :P)

XOXO Parisky


Long time no see, right? :) But today I have something special for you. Not really beauty related but still in a way ...

On Wednesday I shot this girl, Monika, here are the pics :)

My personal favourite

Tomorrow I will shot my twin sister Tamara :)

XOXO Parisky


Mini haul + NOTD The body shop + EOTD

I got some things for me :) Because they were on sale! But I later discovered half of the items bought weren't on sale :/ But still, here is what I got:

1. Essence Pureskin anti-spot peel-off pore refining mask (I've used some other products from this line and they work miracles, we'll see if this one is the same)
2. Essence Nail art in black
3. and 4. Essence Long lasting eye pencil in black and silver (I've heard only good things about it)
5. Essence Cover stick

Now to my NOTD
I've used a nail polish Winwin gave me :) It's very sheer so I had to apply 4 coats to get this results. I've used matte about you for a matte effect :) but you can't really tell.

The face shop - PP407

And my EOTD from yesterday. I've gone to a birthday dinner so I decided to use something new, a combination I would never wear in a million years! I matched green and brown. I hate brown but this autumn brown smoky eyes are so IN :) or the nude look that I don't fancy anymore.

I used Coastal Scent's 88 matte palette and even after 15 hours the makeup was there. No smudging or anything! It didn't even go that much in my eye crease! And that's something :)

XOXO Parisky


Beauty tips and masks II

Hello again :) Remember my Beauty tips post a while ago? I've decided to share some more beauty tips with you! This is what I have learned about home made beauty :)

Let's start with some home made masks that are easy and cheap to make and make your skin cleaner/more mousturised/softer.

Aspirin and honey mask

What will you need? some non coated aspirin and a little bit of honey or Aloe Vera if you find honey repulsive as me.

Warning: The use of beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid; what aspirin is made out of) can increase sun sensitivity by 50%. You MUST use a good sunscreen with SPF at least 15 for UVB and UVA protection.

How to? Sprinkle some water on 2-3 caplets of aspirin. Let it dissolve by its own or use your fingers to break it apart & mix it with the water until the mixture gets grainy. Add some honey/aloe vera & mix the mixture to coat it with the honey. Apply & spread the mixture on your face & leave it on for about 10 minutes. While washing your face, take advantage of the grainy texture of the apsirin & exfoliate your skin.

What it does: really soft & glowing skin

Egg white facial mask

What you will need? 1 egg white

Warning: Make sure you use a good moisturizer after using this mask, because the egg whites will be very drying for your skin.

How to? Open an egg in a bowl, separate the yolk, & use the egg whites to make a face mask. Leave it on until you feel the mask is dry (you should feel your skin tightening).

What it does? tightened skin (like a facelift) & refined pores

Egg yolk facial mask

What you will need? 1 egg yolk

How to? The same as for egg white but leave it on for about 15-20 minutes.

What it does?: cleared & healthy complexion

Oatmeal facial mask

What will you need? 1 egg white, 1 tbs of honey, 1-2 tbs of fine chopped oatmeal (not as in the picture)
How to? Mix together the egg white & honey in a bowl. Add 1 tps of chopped oats & stir to form a paste (add more oats if it's runny). Spread the paste over your face; relax for 10 minutes. Rinse your skin & pat dry with a clean towel.

What it does? soft & tightened skin

Olive oil & brown sugar scrub

What you will need? brown sugar and honey
How to? Mix brown sugar & honey into a paste to exfoliate your skin (face&body). You can also rub your lips with it.
What it does? The sugars removes dead skin & the honey adds moisture.


Egg whites hair mask

What will you need? 1-3 eggs (depends on your hair lenght)
How to? Separate the egg whites from the yolk & brush onto dry hair. Leave on for three to five minutes & rinse.
What it does? shiny hair


Whiter teeth

What will you need? 3% hydrogen
peroxide, baking soda
Warning: Don't swallow peroxide because it is posionous!
How to? Apply a small quantity of baking soda on your toothbrush and drip on some drops of peroxide (you can make a paste of it too). Apply on your teeth and leave it on for a minute than rinse. If you feel any pain or begin to see white developments on your gums, do not fear. Although it may be a sign of gum disease and gingivitis, it may be normal and will go away when the balance in your mouth returns to normal. You would have the same effect if you used white strips of any other tooth whitening product as these products contain the same ingredients and may leak over onto the gums.

Makeup remover and tonic
You can use virgin olive oil as a makeup remover for the eyes! It works perfectly and doesn't clog your pores. But don't wear contact lenses.
You can also use champagne as a tonic :) It cleans your pores and leaves you withn a fresh feeling (but it smells).

I hope you liked today's post :)

P.S. The images are not mine and were taken from all over the internet (using google)

XOXO Parisky

Swatches: There's a red for every woman

That's the saying :) And I cannot agree more to it! :) All lipsticks I own are red (or some shade of it) :P So here is a comparison of them (and lip liners).

My nude lips:

1. Maybelline Watershine diamonds in raspberry spimmer (112)
It was my first lipstick I ever bought and I bought it because of the advertisement (so fake).

2. Miss sporty be connected lipgloss in red digital (063)
I think it's lovely

3. Stila lip glaze in raisin (21)
Just love it! It gives me a natural look but it's still very glossy

4. Maxfactor Lipfinity (120)

I really like all of their colors but it is the worst lipstick I have EVER bought! It is called lipfinity because it's supposed to stay on no matter what for hours. But the truth is it peels off gradually from inside out and all that remains is the border (or pieces of it) that won't get out for hours! And that is terrible. It even gets on your teeth and stains your skin (and of course doesn't get out). But that's not all. It's so liquid it's very difficult to apply it perfectly and you can't correct any errors because it dries very fast. That makes your lips very dry (and I mean very dry) and you have to apply the white gloss? or any other gloss. And that makes the lipstick stain on your skin and to peel off in chunks.

5. Maxfactor Lipfinity (90)

Actually I was looking for this shade in 3 different stores but they just had the tester? But than I finally got it.

6. Maxfactor Lipfinity color and gloss in gleaming coral (570)
Almost the same matter is with the gloss as it is with the lipstick. But this one definitely stays on less time and is easier to clean off.

just the color:

with the pink gloss:

7. Maxfactor Lipliner in fire (12)

8. Illamasqua Medium pencil in Feisty

I think red lips are sensuous and very feminine :)

XOXO Parisky

Spring 2010 collection

Today I have been looking through the next spring's trends and I must say I really like some of them. We can see the comeback of the fifties and nineteens. :) And colors? black, pink (different shades), (navy) blue, red, gray, black and beige. Textures? Flowers and graphic.

Here are some pictures from the show in New York.

Baby Phat
very colorful for the next spring

Donna Karan
I love her fitted dresses

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Mark Fast (a rapidly rising star)

I love his colorful dresses! Just look at the second and last picture! :) I also like he used a plus size model!


Ralph Lauren

Menswear rocks! :) and girly dresses with a boyish accent (hats) too

Tommy Halfinger

Cute, sexy and stylish


What can I say? It's affordable :) and edgy.

Victoria Beckham

Just gorgeous!

Vivienne Westwood red label

How do you like the trends for the next spring?

P.S. All images were taken from New York Magazine

XOXO Parisky