I'm back!

Yaaay I'm sooo happy it's finally over. Now I have to wait for the results of the exam! That could take up to 7 working days ... And than I have to go back to my University to get the grades entered in to my index (that could take up to a week, because every Professor has got different cabinet hours (not sure if that's the right name) and than ... ah there's a lot of stupid red tape work to be done.

But now to happier things :) Because I'm done with studying for a month or so, I have plenty of time to write blog entries :) And the first thing I wanted to write about was a review! But than I realized all my pictures are on my computer (I'm writing from my bf's computer) :/ So instead of my promised reviews (that'll wait until Friday) I'll post some random pictures I took these days :)

And there are many giveaways going on these days ... but I'm too lazy to enter :P

The pictures:

2 pictures I took in the car of the gorgeous jewellery made by WinWin (review ASAP)

I've been in Ljubljana for about 6 days and 2 of them I spent in cleaning up the apartment :P (instead of studying). This is the result (I had on Essie pink neon nail polish).

And of course I had no nail polish remover, so I had to buy it (with that horrific nails!) Fortunately I took (just) one nail polish with me (Illamasqa baby pink) ... And I got bored of it pretty quickly, so I decided to diversify my NOTD up. Because I didn't have ANYTHING with me I used a corrector pen :P It wore off in one day! So here is a lesson learned: Corrector pens are not made for nails :)

A random picture I took in the store (cute plastic HK plate). Lately I think I have been obsessed with HK (just ask my bf) :D

And to finish a picture of a frame I have in Ljubljana. Can you guess who's on it? :D

So, what was your week like?

XOXO Parisky


♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

haha... creative nails~ :) the bracelet fits u well .. looks good on u!! haha~

Parisky said...

:D Yes, we could call them like that :)
Thank you! :D