Eye Majic review + NOTD a bright moonwalker gone bad is? Bloody Mary

After two days of wearing my moonwalker NOTD I decided to try a bright one :) But it went wrong, so wrong. So I improved it with another color and when my sister saw it she mentioned it reminds her of Bloody Mary. So ladies and gentlemen, I present you my NOTD Bloody Mary:

And now to a quick review of Eye Majic. I got this sample and I wanted to try it out :) It's supposed to create you a perfect makeup in just seconds. So I got curious. I got an smokey eye type.

This is how it looks like (open)

And the applicator. It's on some kind of polystyrene so it applies very nicely. But you have to be really careful not to smudge it all over your face :)

And the before:

And after:

Well it really isn't what I expected it to be. It's more soft looking and transparent. I think it's mainly thought for those girls who are very new to the whole makeup scene and want a nice polished look, but don't know how to.
The whole application took just as much time as I normally spend for normal makeup applying O.o


+ nice package
+ many colors and combinations to choose from
+ good way to achieve a polished look for beginners
+ quite fast if you're not comfortable with makeup
+ easy to use
+you can blend it and it instantly becomes a day look (this one)

- not suitable for advanced makeup appliers (it leaves you with a blah feeling)
- the price

That's all for today :)

P.S. To the giveaway winners: I sent the packages out today! Yaay :)

XOXO Parisky


alter muffin said...

Hvala za komentar na mojem blogu:D! Tvoj je tudi fajn, sploh pa te umetnije, ki jih počneš na svojih nohtih-wau!

Macodvisnica said...

Where did you buy Eye-Majic?

Toothfairynotes said...

Thanks for entering the gucci giveaway!
I have finally answered your question in my latest post.
There's a new giveaway coming up soon!


Emily said...

wah~ this is awesome!

i never knew there was such a thing, its amazing and so fast, i just went on youtube and saw vids on it, its great, and easy and so pretty

haha im a beginner, i wish i could get it

Parisky said...

Emily: Yes I was surprised too :) I think it's a genious thing :)

Macodvisnica: I got them really :)