My ebay experience

Have you ever purchased anything from eBay? I have :) And I must really say I love the site and everything you can find on it! From clothes to vintage and antique things, even rarities! Not to mention everything in between.
When I discovered eBay at first I was a little bit sceptical because of all those stories of people paying and never receiving a thing and the shopkeeper just disappearing... So I was really sceptical. But after I tried it out and received the first package super fast (in about a week or so) I was more than happy :) Since my first order I have purchased many more things and mostly got them, but after more than a month I'm still waiting on a mobile phone silicone cover! That makes me so angry, because eBay automatically removes everything that hasn't been rated (you have to leave a feedback) after a month! And tell me, how am I supposed to leave a feedback to something I have still not received? So I have written to the seller and he replied that I should wait some more ... doh! But that's it! On Friday I will leave my first negative feedback if the item is still not here (more than 30 WORKING days have passed). So I really hope the thing will get here until Friday.
The seller said something about our customs too, but that is definitely not the case with this order, because I have ordered lots of things AFTER ordering this one and all of those have already come! Even if they have been checked by out customs (they put on a stamp saying Slovene customs).

Well anyway till now I have ordered some false lashes (remember I have to learn how to apply them :D), the face cleaning pad (silicone), a ring (not what I expected but ah well) a pore cleanser (that does nothing) and 2 display practice nail wheels (so I can see what nail polishes do I own).

ASAP as I come home I will take some pictures :) Right now I'm still waiting to a pair of earrings (look at the picture) and another ring beside the pink silicone Nokia cell phone cover!

Before I forget here is a small tip: you have to look at the feedback the seller has received before ordering anything. So you don't fall for one of those lost/never shipped sellers.
But as I was exploring eBay I saw lots of strange selling things. The one that bothers me is that positive feedback can be bought for as low as 1 dollar?! And if you're a seller that is definitely worthwhile.

Did you have any negative experience with eBay?

XOXO Parisky


Vanilla said...

yess i shop for makeups on ebay.hehehe.mostly hongkong and korean seller

Parisky said...

Vanilla? Really? What brands? I would love to get on my hands on some too :D

Parisky said...

Sorry one ? too much after Vanilla :)