Tag Beauty Routine + NOTD moonwalker

I was tagged by my sister Tamara :) I think my daily beauty routine is nothing special, really.

So, let's just start:

I wash my face with soap (Gamila Secret) and a Facial Cleansing Pad (4.) I bought on ebay :) I've been using the soap for more than a year now and I really like it, because it doesn't dry my skin and it's completely natural. I got the silicone pad just recently and It really makes your skin smother and improves facial blood circulation.
If I'm wearing makeup I remove it with Afrodita's Clean phase Cleansing milk soft and Clean phase Tonic soft (I forgot to take pictures of).
One of my latest buys is the number 3. It's supposed to be a Pore cleaner and Blackhead remover. I bought this one on ebay too. I've tried it a few times and it doesn't do anything! It creates a vacuum but it's way too weak to suck out any dirt from pores. So, definitely don't buy it!
After washing my face I apply a facial cream (2.) and in the mornings Skinoren (it contains Azelaic acid). Right now I'm using some natural cream my sister gave me. For the eyes I use number 1.
Have I forgotten anything? Oh, right number 5. It's Garnier's acne treatment. I use it on those damn pimples (it works really nice).

And now to my makeup routine:
1. MaxFactor Pan stick (12 true beige) - it works great as a concealer or as a powder
2. MaxFactor Colour adapt (45 warm almond) - I don't use it on a daily basis
3. Kabuki brush (my favourite brush!)
4. No brand Bronzer (I use it sometimes instead of a blusher for a more natural look)
5. Essence mineral powder blush (01 almost famous)
6. S-he compact powder (02 soft beige)

My makeup applying is really pretty random. I decide what colors to use when I'm already all dressed up and based on my mood.
But there are some products I always choose:
1. MaxFaxtor False Lash Effect mascara
2. or 3. depending on If I want a more natural look or a more dramatic effect
4. or 5. or 6. it depend's on the mood. For example number 4. is very creamy and long lasting, number 5. has got glitter in it and number 6. is waterproof.
7. is my favourite brow pencil (Dior Powder Eybrow Pencil (453 sable sand))
and I can't live without number 8. (Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss (01 pure)) It moisturises my lips and
makes them shiny = bigger :)
I've also took pictures of my 2 typicall EOTD's. One is more natural (not really) and the other one is more for clubbing or a dramatic daily wear.
Now I tag:

And my today's NOTD (moonwalker)
Woah what a long post :)
XOXO Parisky


Tali said...

Those nails are just bloody amazing! oh my god!! I LOVE THEM!!! They are so my style!!

rhaindropz said...

ooops im it!!!

Parisky said...

Tali thank you :) Than maybe you should try them too :)

Rhain :) yes that's you :)

urshiusz said...

uu nice ^^ me loves tags :P

sam da se usedem za pc.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ej, kako se Schellerjeva krema obnese? :)

+ Hud NOTD. :Đ

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Nuša ann: kremica ni slaba. Kolikor se spomnem ima malo hecen vonj in se zelo hitro pokvari. Ampak je lepo hranilna. Trenutno že kar nekaj časa namesto kremice uporabljam jojobino olje. Je super, poceni, naravno in mi je pomagalo pri mozoljčkih. Ne dam ga za nič na svetu :D

Anonymous said...

Hm kje pa dobim jojobino olje? :)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Jojobino olje lahko dobiš v vsaki lekarni in zadnje čase tudi v mullerju. Samo poglej pod sestavine, da ima samo eno sestavino (nobenih primesi).

Anonymous said...

O super. Hvala. ^^,