Beauty tips and masks II

Hello again :) Remember my Beauty tips post a while ago? I've decided to share some more beauty tips with you! This is what I have learned about home made beauty :)

Let's start with some home made masks that are easy and cheap to make and make your skin cleaner/more mousturised/softer.

Aspirin and honey mask

What will you need? some non coated aspirin and a little bit of honey or Aloe Vera if you find honey repulsive as me.

Warning: The use of beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid; what aspirin is made out of) can increase sun sensitivity by 50%. You MUST use a good sunscreen with SPF at least 15 for UVB and UVA protection.

How to? Sprinkle some water on 2-3 caplets of aspirin. Let it dissolve by its own or use your fingers to break it apart & mix it with the water until the mixture gets grainy. Add some honey/aloe vera & mix the mixture to coat it with the honey. Apply & spread the mixture on your face & leave it on for about 10 minutes. While washing your face, take advantage of the grainy texture of the apsirin & exfoliate your skin.

What it does: really soft & glowing skin

Egg white facial mask

What you will need? 1 egg white

Warning: Make sure you use a good moisturizer after using this mask, because the egg whites will be very drying for your skin.

How to? Open an egg in a bowl, separate the yolk, & use the egg whites to make a face mask. Leave it on until you feel the mask is dry (you should feel your skin tightening).

What it does? tightened skin (like a facelift) & refined pores

Egg yolk facial mask

What you will need? 1 egg yolk

How to? The same as for egg white but leave it on for about 15-20 minutes.

What it does?: cleared & healthy complexion

Oatmeal facial mask

What will you need? 1 egg white, 1 tbs of honey, 1-2 tbs of fine chopped oatmeal (not as in the picture)
How to? Mix together the egg white & honey in a bowl. Add 1 tps of chopped oats & stir to form a paste (add more oats if it's runny). Spread the paste over your face; relax for 10 minutes. Rinse your skin & pat dry with a clean towel.

What it does? soft & tightened skin

Olive oil & brown sugar scrub

What you will need? brown sugar and honey
How to? Mix brown sugar & honey into a paste to exfoliate your skin (face&body). You can also rub your lips with it.
What it does? The sugars removes dead skin & the honey adds moisture.


Egg whites hair mask

What will you need? 1-3 eggs (depends on your hair lenght)
How to? Separate the egg whites from the yolk & brush onto dry hair. Leave on for three to five minutes & rinse.
What it does? shiny hair


Whiter teeth

What will you need? 3% hydrogen
peroxide, baking soda
Warning: Don't swallow peroxide because it is posionous!
How to? Apply a small quantity of baking soda on your toothbrush and drip on some drops of peroxide (you can make a paste of it too). Apply on your teeth and leave it on for a minute than rinse. If you feel any pain or begin to see white developments on your gums, do not fear. Although it may be a sign of gum disease and gingivitis, it may be normal and will go away when the balance in your mouth returns to normal. You would have the same effect if you used white strips of any other tooth whitening product as these products contain the same ingredients and may leak over onto the gums.

Makeup remover and tonic
You can use virgin olive oil as a makeup remover for the eyes! It works perfectly and doesn't clog your pores. But don't wear contact lenses.
You can also use champagne as a tonic :) It cleans your pores and leaves you withn a fresh feeling (but it smells).

I hope you liked today's post :)

P.S. The images are not mine and were taken from all over the internet (using google)

XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

Z jajcno masko sem ugotovila, da sem res alergicna na jajca :D! Me je srbelo, postalo rdece in se malo napihnilo, pa sem jo imela na faci dobre dve minuti.

Misspiggy said...

I really love the egg whie masks. But olive oil does clog your pores. its a great moisturizer, but if you have acne problems i would avoid this one.