Mini haul: sugar rush + new nail polish

Here is another mini haul :) This week I'm really crawling for sweets so I HAD to buy some sweet things. And while I was at that store I got this gorgeous nail polish too! It was on sale (the whole Maybelline ForeverStrong collection) from 6.30 € to 4 €. I was looking at this nail polish for 2 months but I have so many nail polishes in my collection, especially pink toned, so I really didn't need another pink nail polish. But it was soooo gorgeous! And now I have it! :) Happy happy happy :) Sometimes I feel like a kid, who gets happy with little things :) I would loved some more nail polishes in my collection, but none of the Maybelline collection didn't attract me :/

Anyway here is the sugar rush mini haul:

And the NOTD Maybelline Forever strong in color Rose Fuschia Rosy Pink (180). It's so strange it has got two names?
It's a raspberry pink ♥
The pics were taken with a cellphone :)

With flash
On the sun (actually this is the most truthful shot of this color)
I really like the new brush! It makes the nail polish applying so much easier (but I'm still really clumsy as you can see :P)

XOXO Parisky


Vanilla said...

ohh i love the first nail color !
so kawaii !

Sherry said...

love the colour :) my nails shorts too :)

Parisky said...

Thank you both! :) Yes, my nails got shorter after long long time and it feels so strange :/ But it's kind of cute, like candy XD