I've been tagged: Future clothes

I've been tagged by Pink Monkey (what a cute name XD). The tag is: Show me what you think about the future, like what type of clothes you want in the future, or accessories, hairstyles, makeup, or change of style, or where you want to go in the future.

Ok, when I was little I liked to imagine what I would wear as an adult :) I really liked the image of a strong business woman in a suit and variations of it (and still do). In two words: elegance and sophisitcation. That must be the main reason why I like the fashion trend of women in manswear.

And what do I think I will wear in the future? Hopefully something elegant and sophistcated :) And heels, high heels. With my own twist to the outfit.

What about fashion future? Well fashion always rediscoveries our past trends, so maybe next we will see again the Twenties with an unique twist or the Thirties, Forties, ... well anything will be fun to rediscover :)

Now I tag: Tamara and Thiamere

XOXO Parisky


Elizabeth Marie said...

I always thought the same thing!! I love menswear too now :) XO

Emily said...

omg so awesome

thanks lots for doing my tag!!

i really love your picks, women in menswear, very special and unique

so lovely, thanks for sharing i really like it!!

Parisky said...

Elizabeth Marie (love your name) I really like it too :)

Emily Thank you :) And you're really welcome it was a lot of fun :)