NOTD: pink reversed french manicure+ NOTD: Eyeko Disco polish

Hi :) I'm back again :) But not for long :P Tomorrow early in the morning I'm going mushrooming (in my country it's almost our second national sport). And I will be back in the evening (with new pics? more squirrels, birds and of course mushrooms?).

Here are 2 pics of my NOTD for the past 2 days :P I loved the reversed french manicure so much that I had to try it again :) This time was pink!

I also got my Eyeko package!

Aren't they so cute? I tried on the Eyeko Disco Polish :) And now I can't imagine how long will it take me to take it down? 2 months :P Right now I feel like I'm in the 70's and in a disco! Yay for glitter :D (and that's one coat!)

With flash


I also won the weekly beauty tips on their site! Now I will get a beauty goody bag! Yay, can't wait to see what I will get :D

Now I have to try my sister's Matte about you!

P.S. I hate mosquitoes! I think that the arriving autumn has made them mad and now they're agressive twice as much! :/

XOXO Parisky