Swatches: There's a red for every woman

That's the saying :) And I cannot agree more to it! :) All lipsticks I own are red (or some shade of it) :P So here is a comparison of them (and lip liners).

My nude lips:

1. Maybelline Watershine diamonds in raspberry spimmer (112)
It was my first lipstick I ever bought and I bought it because of the advertisement (so fake).

2. Miss sporty be connected lipgloss in red digital (063)
I think it's lovely

3. Stila lip glaze in raisin (21)
Just love it! It gives me a natural look but it's still very glossy

4. Maxfactor Lipfinity (120)

I really like all of their colors but it is the worst lipstick I have EVER bought! It is called lipfinity because it's supposed to stay on no matter what for hours. But the truth is it peels off gradually from inside out and all that remains is the border (or pieces of it) that won't get out for hours! And that is terrible. It even gets on your teeth and stains your skin (and of course doesn't get out). But that's not all. It's so liquid it's very difficult to apply it perfectly and you can't correct any errors because it dries very fast. That makes your lips very dry (and I mean very dry) and you have to apply the white gloss? or any other gloss. And that makes the lipstick stain on your skin and to peel off in chunks.

5. Maxfactor Lipfinity (90)

Actually I was looking for this shade in 3 different stores but they just had the tester? But than I finally got it.

6. Maxfactor Lipfinity color and gloss in gleaming coral (570)
Almost the same matter is with the gloss as it is with the lipstick. But this one definitely stays on less time and is easier to clean off.

just the color:

with the pink gloss:

7. Maxfactor Lipliner in fire (12)

8. Illamasqua Medium pencil in Feisty

I think red lips are sensuous and very feminine :)

XOXO Parisky


Sherry said...

red is sexy :)


Tali said...

VERY VERY good post!! xoxo

Parisky said...

I do agree with youm Sherry :)

Thank you so much Tali! :) When I'll buy some other shades beside red I'll definitely do something like this again :)