NOTD: Little Prince

Hello Lovelies!

Today I'll show you my current manicure. I called it Little Prince as it reminds me of Little Prince's lonely planet.
I've used Essence Underwater for my base,
Essence Shocking Blue and S-he 393 for sponging, Essence Twins Romeo for a hibiscus konadicture and Essence Glisten Up (flakies) for layering.

Here are the pictures under different lights (artificial and natural) and with and without flash.

How do you like it?

XOXO Parisky

Tag: 7 Random Facts About Me

Skye has tagged me to do this 7 Random Facts About Me Tag ;)

The rules:

Link to your tagger and list the rules

List 7 random facts about yourself

Tag 7 people (and make sure you check back and see what they say!)

If you're tagged, play along and pass it on!

So here we go:

1. I absolutely overuse emoticons when writing. But I can't help it, as it makes the text be more alive (or that's at least my excuse) :D
2. I want to learn French (my whole life) because it's such a melodious language. Hopefully next year I'll take some lessons.
3. I went to an art high school but than decided to go to a translator program in university.
4. I love interpreting and hopefully I'll do a master's programme for interpreting.
5. I also very much love photography. But the irony is that my grandparents and my parents were photographers, but my whole life I didn't want to be a photographer. But then I discovered fashion photography,
6. I could live just eating pasta! 
7. I love trying new stuff :)

Now I tag:

Have fun!

XOXO Parisky

NOTD: Rimmel 60 seconds Camouflage

Hi girls!
 Today I have for you another pretty nail polish! It's green, It's gorgeous and it's formula is amazing! I'm talking about Rimmel 60 Seconds Camouflage. The formula is just perfect and the brush as well. 
So let me present you this gorgeous shimmer green:

XOXO Parisky

P.S. I've added another item to my giveaway. HERE.

DIY Flower Headband


Today I went to H&M in Ljubljana to check if they finally got some nail polishes (because in Maribor they got them). But the sellers don't even know that H&M has makeup! Arght ... Anyway I saw all those pretty flowers and that gave me an idea. Why not make a headband with a flower on my own and spare some money plus no one else will have it? :D
So I went to that 75 cents shop and got a fake flower and some headbands. Tomorrow I'll go again to buy some more fake flowers because this is such a fun and easy project and now I want to have tons of them! I'll do a super easy tutorial tomorrow if anyone is interested.

Here is the result:
XOXO Parisky

Look: Not Myself Tonight

Hello ;)

I know I'm late with this "news" but I've been bored and wanted to write something :P
I wanted to do some tags and post some blog awards (I know I got one recently) but couldn't find them. Damn! So if you gave me a blog award or tagged me, please let me know in the comments under this post.

So I wanted to talk about something. And what better that Christina Aguilera's latest video?
Can you imagine how hard was to actually see it like a  month after it has been released? Why? Because YouTube and other video pages won't show it, as it violates my country's copyright grounds. WTF??

Anyway I got to see at least some bits of it. I'm not really sure if I like it, but the makeup is amazing. I find it really funny how even two years ago nobody (people) even knew what ballet boots were (except for fetishists), but now you can see them in almost every music video (Beyonce, Lady Gaga and now Christina Aguilera). I actually like how fetish items are getting more and more popular (just look at the runways) as it looks interesting and it gives everything that wow ... wait is that... ? effect. Hahahahaaa ....

My favourite makeup in her video is that almost pinup look with red glitter lips and winged eyeliner on her eyes.

I have to do a makeup look inspired by that :D Expect it at the end of next month (exams).
So instead of a makeup look I did an inspired outfit look using pink instead of red (I just can't help it :P).
Not Myself Tonight

How do you like Christina's latest video?

XOXO Parisky


NOTD: Eyeko Saucy Red Polish

Hello :)
Yesterday I wanted to change my manicure as my previous nail polish had chipped on some nails. I'm guessing that's because of my lame top coat because when I didn't apply a top coat on Catrice I Scream Peach it didn't chip for days and there were even no white tips!

Anyway I decided to go for something different, for a color I didn't touch in months. Red. Quite a few years ago my whole collection was red (literally I only had like 6 nail polishes and they were all red).

So here is Eyeko Saucy Red Polish (for naughty nails). The brush is just perfect but the bottle or better the plug (that silver thing on top) makes it really hard to apply nail polish.  The polish has a really nice formula (creme) and dries amazingly fast. I applied three thin coats. And on the thumb and ring finger I layered some red glitter from an unknown brand (I couldn't find a name).

Girls, how do you like reds?

XOXO Parisky

NOTD: Catrice Sould Out Forever

Today I'll show you my other Catrice nail polish. As the I Scream Peach this one applies as a dream (2 thin coats) and is as well very easy to remove!

Just to add some bling bling I did a konadicture on top of it (used a Fauxnade plate that is the same as Konad M38). I need some whole nail Konads!

XOXO Parisky


Lorena and Martina

I wanted to take pictures of Lorena and Martina for a whole month now, but it's always been raining! But this weekend we finally had sun! What does that mean? Photography season (for me at least) has been officially opened!

On Saturday I took pictures of Lorena and on Sunday of Martina. 
I believe that everyone is beautiful and it's the job of the photographer to show that.


Pinup style:


It was such a fun working with her :) 

Now the exams are coming and that means I won't be able to take pictures for some time :(

XOXO Parisky

New Pablo pictures :)

Here are some more pictures of Pablo, as I know you like them ;)
We went playing with him to Triban (a place where he can be off leash) and I took some pictures of him:

Notice the button (frisbee) :D

Here he is wet :) He loves sweet water!

And here are some more PRO pictures taken by Vida Klenovšek (http://www.petiitpethaus.com) and she made the collar as well.

He's just such a funny dog.

Play time with Veruschka:

XOXO Parisky

NOTD: Catrice I Scream Peach

Of course when I got the new nail polishes I HAD to try at least one on. I chose this one:

But this is its actual color in daylight

XOXO Parisky