Beauty tips and tricks

Here are some my beauty tips and tricks for you.

  • actually this one my grandma told me: make tea out of rosemary (from a small handful you can make 3l+ of rosemary tea). With this tea rinse your hair after washing your head. Don't worry about the smell, it fades away very quickly. This helps your hair get stronger and even helps to grow hair on bald spots (my grandma proved this!).
  • Use rosemary tea (little of it) on dry hair for that shiny effect
  • If you massage your head when you wash it this helps your hair grow faster and it is very relaxing
  • Use jojoba oil on your hair tips to make them look healthy and shiny
  • Wet your head with warm water (before shampooing them, this opens the cuticula) and rinse your balsam with cold water (this closes the cuticula)
  • If you want to get more volume effect put some hairspary under that area and cover it up. (look at the picture to see what I mean)
  • If you're having a bad hairday just use some cute hairclips or if it is really extreme a hat :P
  • And the last tip: don't be too rough with wet hair, they broke easily!
  • Here is a nice thing I found (if I post the picture, it's too small)
  • Before applying nail polish use some Vaseline/oil on your cuticles for easy peeling of the excess
  • Use olive/jojoba oil on your cuticles for healthy nails (instead of expensive creams)
  • If your manicure went bad and you're too tired to fix it/in a hurry/too lazy just put a cute sticker on it or draw some dots/anything
  • If you have a pimple that annoys you put on some toothpaste and let it dry (reapply if needed)
  • Aspirin and vicodine works for pimples too (they dry it out)
  • Try aspirin mask (amazing)- melt an aspirin in some water + add some aloe vera gel or honey in it and put the mask on your face. Let it dry for 15 min and rinse with water. Don't forget to moisturize your skin after that.
  • Use some of your leftover champagne as a tonic (it cleans very well)
  • Use olive oil as makeup remover on your eyes (it's great), but I would definitely recommend you put out your contact lenses before using it (own experience ...)
  • For longer lasting lipstick use an used toothbrush (it's softer) on your lips (peeling) before applying the lipstick
  • If you want your lips to look bigger use a white pencil on top of your lipstick and smudge it (look the picture)
  • You can make a lips mask too! Mix some sugar and honey and apply it on your lips. Smudge it all over, so the sugar can work as a peeling.
  • If you're not comfortable appyling/mixing your eyeshadow: start with the darker one and only than apply the lighter one. Smudge. This is how you create that nice passage from light to dark.
  • Mix your liquid powder with the same amout of face cream for a more natural look
  • For instant bigger eyes put on eyeliner and 2 coats of mascara
  • If you're in a hurry put just the blusher on your cheeks for a fresh look
  • If you don't have a primer for your eyelids just use your regular concealer
I think this is all I can remember now

XOXO Parisky


Tali said...

Great tips especially about the hair. Its amazing how many people dont know this stuff!

Sherry said...

thanks for sharing the lips tips :) hehe.. I have no idea... there is so much we can do.


Parisky said...

Thank you Tali and Sherry :D Yes you can do a lot by yourself for your skin/lips/hair and many people don't know that.