Review: The Path, the game

Hello girls! Yesterday I read about it on this blog and today I had to try it! Because I haven't played a game in a while.

And all I can say is OMG scarry sh**! I don't know how else to describe it! It all starts with all this girls (6 in total) in a room. You get to choose which one will carry the basket to grandma.
The grils are all dressed in red&black and are of different ages. They also have all names related to the color red (Ruby, Scarlet, Rose, ...). The room is red and black.

Okay than you choose a girl and off you go. There is only one rule and you have to break it: Don't go off the path.

The path (road) is full of color and cheerful but as soon as you get off it to the woods everything gets dark and creepy. There is also this annoying sound: like a girl chanting a song (annoyingly repetitive and very creepy).

Each one of this girls has got their personal wolf that you have to find. Till now I have found 2. One for the elder girl (a forest ranger) and for the younger girl (literally a wolf- more like a warewolf).

Overall the game is very intense and makes you want to know what is the girl's wolf. I have mixed feelings about it. On one side I find it too scary (the grandma houses are the worst!- different for each girl) but on the other side it twists your imagination and you want to know what happens to all of the girls.
You can read a review here. But there are plenty on the net.

And here are few pictures (clickable!) of the younger's one adventure.

After she meets the wolf everything turns grey

In the grandma's house
Her end ...
And some more random photos:

I have finally finshed it! Now I can sleep well again!

XOXO Parisky