Sales Haul

In this recent days I was hauling a little bit :D
Some things I got in Palmanova Outlet Village (it's great! I went there with my boyfriend ♥), other in Muller and Newyorker.
This is what I bought:

  1. Adidas sneakers (19 €)
  2. White waistcoat (15 €)
  3. Navy blue miniskirt (10 €)
  4. Red polka dotted swimmingsuit top (12 €)
  5. Red panties swimmingsuit (Pompea, 5 €)
  6. This cute head hoop (around 3 €)
Cute head hoop from Muller (3-4 €)
My new Adidas ♥ midiru 2 animal sneakers (H.F.F. :) I love love love them! I was searching for them since this winter :) And I found them at Palmanova Outlet village for 19 €

This came with them (I have it on my cell phone right now)

I have also uploaded my black wedges picture to my yesterday's post.
And soon I'll make my giveaway! :) I have already bought some things :)
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XOXO Parisky


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