It's GIVEAWAY time!

There are a lot of lovely giveaways going on! I love especially those on etsy, because I love handmade jewelry (actually thinknig of making a jewelry shop - I love making jewelry and giving it as gifts).

And now to the lovely giveaways (quite some of them)

1. Redd Hynes Give away (ends on Aug 1)

For more info click here

2. Wonder wonder Giveaway ends on Avg 2

3. B-line's giveaway ends on Avg 2

4. Ribbons and Lace Giveaway ends on July 30

5. Liz is LOVING giveaway ends on July 31

1. You Must Be A Follwer! duh!
2. Mention my Giveaway in a post on your blog! Link it & post my rules also.
3. Leave me comment in THIS post; "Blush Me Two Times, Babe!" & leave the link post to the post you made about my give away & YOUR NAME & EMAIL ADRESS!
4. Good Luck Ladies!!!

8. Confessions of an Everyday Diva's contest is fabulous! Who doesn't want a pair of shoes?

And last but not least is my giveaway! You have still time to enter!

XOXO Parisky


R.C. said...

thank you so much girlie for spreading the word!!! I love your blog!!!