Harry potter movie, contest and random stuff

Those who haven't read the book/watched the movie don't read from here on.

I've read all 7 books and I hated Harry Potter since the 6th book. Till that book I was HP's fan #1 but after that book I actually hoped HP would die in the last book :P ah evil me. My favourite character was Dumbledore and because he killed the book was just sad. :( But still the movie was great but sad.

And now to the even better news! I actually won something in the Brother's
Grimm contest!!! You can see my entry here. And the winners here.
Congratulations to all!! :)

And Tali has mentioned this AMAZING blog about fairy tales and very interesting stuff. You definitely HAVE TO check it out. It's definitely the most unusual/interesting/cool blog I've seen so far. You can find there from Vogue to games. Everything that is somehow connected to fairy tales!

And remember when I said some days ago I have photographed a girl?
Well here is a picture so far.

P.S. Tomorrow I will upload my OOTD from today and well more photos.

XOXO Parisky


☆Anastacia☆ said...

aw! I watched this Harry Potter the half blood prince too:) But it was very boring I think! Don't like this HP story :(

Parisky said...

Well I think it depends if you have read the books. To my boyfriend it was boring too till the end