An unexpected surprise ♥

By my boyfriend! I just couldn't believe what he got me! Just like that :) Thank you hubby! ♥

I was so shocked and happy! You can't even imagine! I wanted to go on Riverdance for years!
Now my wish list (more a to do list) looks like this: Riverdance checked, Paris still waiting, learn French (soon, I'll be taking a class this year!) etc :)

This is the makeup I wore. It was simple because I had with me just an eyeliner, mascara, a blusher and pan stick. So really nothing special :) I look really shiny in this pic :/ That what the FLASH does :/ :)

And how was Riverdance? Amazing! Fabulous! Incredible! It was something you should see with your eyes!

Now I want to learn Irish dance (again) :) So we'll see!

XOXO Parisky


Emily said...

omg thats so so cute!!!!!

wah! and amazing makeup love it, ive got to learn from u cuz i seriously suck at makeup.

have fun with your bf, u two sound like the bst couple ever

and the river dance omg, its amazing looks so fun

Tamara said...

Aaa to je bilo vceraj? :))

Super :D

Drugace pa una slika tebe - no no..

Parisky said...

Emily: I completely agree with you! :D It was more than cute :)

Well the makeup really is nothing special but thank you.

Riverdance really was amazing :) And what can I say about my honey? :D He's so sweet :D