EOTD: Candy Futuristic

Hello Girls! :)

Today I decided to do an EOTD with LimeCrime makeup! :) I love their products because they are so pigmented and stay on for hours!

EDIT: Not anymore, since I aknowledged their repackaging and their threats to sue anybody who doesn't like their products (esp. lipsticks)

Here is how my hand looked like after.

I've used

Primadonna (not sure why it isn't written)

Circus Girl

and Shoe Addict
All three eye shadows are really pigmented and perfect for a candy-like makeup! :)
Now the packaging is even cuter than before (with glittery unicorns)!

Before I started applying my makeup I realised I didn't have my brushes with me. So what to do? Fortunately I had some q-tips and my fingers! So to all girls who don't own makeup brushes (yet): you can do it! :)

What came out (the light is from one picture to another varies because of the use of the flash/non use):

For the next time I promise I will use brushes :)
The next time it will be a Halloween FOTD! :)

XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

Ves zakaj ni napisano + nima shiferja?
Ker sem jih kupila cisto na zacetku, ko se ni imela toliko strank.. mislim, da sem bila strirideseta.

Parisky said...

Aaa eko :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Lovely colors, so bright and colorful!
The eye make-up is cute too :) Like your pop eyeliner.

Vanilla said...

do u know that some ppl say the use tkb trading pigment and repackage it?seriously

Parisky said...

@Anastacia: Thank you! :) The eyeliner is from Eyeko.

@Vanilla: Never heard of it! Some people are just jealous :P

Eva Ana said...

u to je meni zelo usec :D. plasci so pa prada :)