A package from Eyeko! :) + 7 tag + EOTD

While I was at Ljubljana (the Uni started again and there is already so much work to be done) I got a SMS from my sister telling me I got a huuuge package! It was from Eyeko :) Some time ago I sent them a mail for their beauty tips weekly contest (you can send it too :) and I won :D I was so happy :) And this week I received the package.
I got the shiny Eyeko bag (it will come very hand for shopping sprees), a flavoured lip gloss, glittery eyeliner and some badges.
The package is really cute :)

The bag from the front and back

(London's cutest cosmetics)

The cute lip gloss (it smells like roses and is really creamy). You can see the false nails from Revlon in this picture too.

I immediately tried out the glitter eyeliner and it's really shiny and it opens up your eyes :)

I received a pair of earrings I ordered some time ago. Aren't they adorable?

The last thing for today's blog post is the 7 tag :) I got tagged by my sister Tamara.
I was such a fun tag! I had to choose 7 things in the color the person who tagged you chose. She chose BLACK. This really made it easier but in a way more difficult to chose because I have lots of things in black (even though it doesn't suit me :P but it's just so comfortable and easy to find). So here we go:

1. My favourite pair of boots for autumn/winter I got last year (Miss Sixty). I have realized I have something with boots because I have so many of them. My favourites are riding boots (maybe because I want to ride a horse for years?)

2. Wide belt. It makes a plain outfit sultry.

3. Nokia 6120 classic with case

4. Eyeko vamp polish (review soon)

5. A pair of black earrings

6. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara (my absolute favourite)

7. SIGG reusable water bottle. I can't live without water and I have this bottle with me all the time. I have it now for aprox. 6 months and it goes everywhere with me. It's enviroment friendly and stylish :)

Now I tag:

I choose RED.

XOXO Parisky


Vanilla said...

haha my beauty tips was also posted there but i didnt win anything.hehhee
ohh it looks like the inside of secret agent's luggage

Parisky said...

Vanilla: Too bad :/ Try again, maybe you get lucky ;) You mean the 7 tag? haha now that you've pointed it out ... it really does! :) The luggage insides of a beauty secret agent ;)

Vanilla said...

haha yeah feels like angelina jolie in her typical movies.lol

Emily said...

omg your eyes r sooooo pretty!!! i love the color green,

ooh and nice tag, all black

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

what fab items you got!! Your nails look fab and your liner too!!

I love the tag too. it looks so much fun, thank you!! im gonna do it! and RED is perfect for me!! :)


☆Anastacia☆ said...

xoxo~ suc fun tag!! ThanQ for tagging me :) and very appreciate it!
Like all your black things!

Parisky said...

@Vanilla: haha it really does :D

@Emily: Thank you :) Really my eyes are gray (gren/blue depending on the light).

@Sara: Thank you :) I'm so happy you will do it! :) I hope you will have as much fun as I did :D

@Anastacia: I'm really interested what you'll choose :D Thank you :D

Sherry said...

everything so lovely, come grab over the top award at namesherry.com

oh the boots are nice, but here summer all year long not so suitable.

Parisky said...

Thank you Sherry :) I couldn't find the award on you page :(

~tHiAmErE~ said...

that glitter liner looks awesome!

i love it!

& also your black boots
me thinks its sexy

alter muffin said...

Hvala za lepe želje za roj.dan!:D!**Lp

Parisky said...

@Thaimere: Thank you :) I think they're sexy too ;)

@altermuffin: nč :)