Shocking! A scam!

Today I got an email from my sister. So far so good. It was about LimeCrime. Well you can read it for yourself: Click here
and here

I got so angry and disgusted ...
apparently my sister too because she wrote this: Cherry Colors: Today.. I'm uttery disappointed about LC

And just imagine, I was in some kind of fan club too! (called Team Candy Future)

Ah, it seemed too nice to be true!
To sum up: If you want good, pigmented mineral eye shadows go and buy from TKB for 1.50 dollars instead of 12 dollars at LimeCrime! And for lipsticks? Sure, that's copied too! Go here and you get almost identical lipsticks for as low as a dollar!

Isn't that a rip off?
And than she claims she made it all ... yeah and I'm Santa!
If you're still not sure, just google it!

I promised I'd do a Halloween look, but just realized there is not a singular camera in the house :( I Hopefully tomorrow my bf will borrow me his camera :)

Thanks for looking and commenting!

XOXO Parisky