Another haul: coats

Yesterday I've been hauling again :D We went to Trieste (Italy) and this is what I got myself.

A white super cute coat

A red even cuter coat

black bag ♥

I also got a sweet pyjamas with cats on it and a jogging suit :)
So my shopping was quite successful :) But I couldn't find any nice cardigan or cutsew or a pair of trousers!
It seems like the sellers weren't prepared for winter.

XOXO Parisky


Claire said...

Both cute are super cute. I really love that white one. I don't wear white because I always end up getting it messy!

Aralka said...

I really like your new things!
I like the first coat, romantic haha.
but the second one is also very nice.
And I like this bag! bow wow! <3 haha :D

Vanilla said...

ohh italy !
no !
i really love ur red coat !:)

Thumby11 said...

jst pa mam črnega takega kot ti rdečega:) sam sem ga kupla lani in ga placala skoraj nic;D in se vedno je tak kot sem ga kupla

Parisky said...

@Claire: Yeah me too :P But it will give a try with this one :P

@Aralka: I really like the first one too! But they didn't have it in red so instead I bought 2 :D haha

@Vanilla: Actually I live very near Italy :D Thanks :)

@Thumby11: uuu sem jih videla ja :) ampak nekaj je na rdeči .. :) Res, tudi jaz sem jih plačala skoraj nič :D

Elizabeth Marie said...

oh my goodness! I've been wanting a red coat just like that! So cute!

akvarij said...

Ta bel mi je zelo zelo všeč. Je skrivnost, kje si ga kupila?

Parisky said...

@Elizabeth Marie: Yes, I've been lucky ;) Thanks

@Akvarij: ne sploh ne. V Mirelli v Trstu (napiši mirella v iskalnik pa ti bo sigurno kaj vrglo ven)