Makeup I've done on other people

Sounds interesting? Well it really is :) I've heard about the word of makeup trough all my life but never been really interested in it or really wanted to try something else than the usual mascara or tops an eye pencil (what for?). But when I started photographing and modelling (now don't get me wrong I'm not a model or anything like that, I just help friends out when they need someone to pose) I've seen for the first time how makeup can really do miracles. That wasn't enough to buy a new makeup palette but it got me thinking about it. But than came the first pictures I took (animals, landscape) and finally people. Women, girls. At that time I still didn't know any makeup artist so I had to start from scratch and improvise on girls makeup (that was just 1 years ago). From than on things just got better. It really is true: practice makes perfect (but I'm still far away from perfect).

This was quite an intro to show you what makeup I've done till now on other people. At first I thought there will be only 3 pictures but as I searched through my old files I found other girls I did their makeup (and took photos of). Some pictures are sharp, other not (it depends if the picture I cut the eyes from were portraits or full bodies).

Let's start with my second model (my first was my sister, but I didn't do her makeup) Lorena. She's a beautiful girl, isn't she? :) I struggled quite a bit with this simple makeup at the time.

And one of the final pictures:

After Lorena I took pictures of Veronika :) I went with a bolder makeup (kind of smokey eyes and red lipstick). I still didn't own much makeup (eyeliner, mascara, foundation, a green palette from Manhattan and red lipstick). So I've used what I had. Because the eye shadows were not very pigmented you can't really see it.

Personal favourite of the shot (unfortunately it's not sharp)

My next model was Nastja. Another beautiful girl. This makeup took even longer! I had to glue false eyelashes (it took forever) and I met for the first time mineral makeup ♥ With her I did 2 looks.

You can see some experimenting with colors and shaky lines :D
This is my favourite picture of her in the bunch. It was Twilight inspired (Alice)

While I was on a visit to my bf's family I also took some pictures of his cousin Katja. I didn't have much makeup with me but she had some (damned, more than I owned) so we pulled off something. She really has got some amazing eyes!

And my favourite.

Then I met a makeup artist and most of the makeup was done by her. But there were still occasions I did the makeup.
Like this January on my sister (we were bored). I wanted to try a really crazy makeup (hehe the craziest till than) At that point she already had some makeup from Limecrime :) but we didn't own any red so that's actually lipstick :P

And the final pic
And now to my latest model I did her makeup. Monika. Remember her? I took her pictures in September. The makeup collection wasn't an issue anymore (yay!). I decide to gave her a smokey eye not to exaggerate. She was really happy with it :)

And my favourite of her shot

That's it for today :) So you're a beginner at makeup application don't give up!

If you want to see more of those sets go here (my main gallery) or here (stock for manipulations)

Tomorrow I'll do a post with my old pictures I like, so you can see what I looked like when I was red, brown and natural and what my makeup was like a year ago. :P

XOXO Parisky


Aralka said...

You really can do make-up!
Good job! I lika all. :D

And this page that you gave me is amazing!
Wow...dollfies are so cool.

Parisky said...

@Aralka: Thank you :) I agree those dolls look amazing!