Old looks from 2005 to now

Today I wanted to show you some of my old looks :)

Actually there wasn't anything special until a year or so. My natural hair color is dark blond but I've tried out dark brown, purple, yellow (don't ask) red and now platinum blond. I would also love to try out light blue or pink XD (but I don't have the courage).

I will show you some of the pics I've found on my computer.
Let's start with 2005, because I can't find any older pictures. Here I was colored on dark brown with black highlights. In the background you can see Pag.

From the same year at my bf's prom.

Let's jump to 2008
This one is just for fun :D It was Halloween and I'm not sure what I was supposed to be. But had a red lipstick!

Heh here you can see really good I didn't wear makeup at all :P (2007)

A month after this picture was taken I got red

This is when I started discovering photography

Then came 2008 and my friend asked me to pose (three times)
These three pictures (taken by Katja G.) were all from the same shot and taken in our Salt-pans Seńćovlje)

As you can see here the red color wore off and some kind of dark blond/brown remained
At the same time I posed with my twin sister (picture by Katja G.).

Than came the spirng (you can still see some red in my hair)

And after it the summer
Here you can see my natural hair color

Then came Autumn and another photo shoot (this time with Mateja H.)

October 2008

November 2008
December 2008 (pictures by Martina K.)
Those were all from the same shot.
Here you can see how my natural color looks under different light

My makeup for the New Year 2008

And a funny picture form January 2009

Than I colored my hair light blond

Experimenting with makeup and the new haircut and color
From here on you have see it all :)

XOXO Parisky
P.S. I was thinking of changing my blog profile. I think this black is a little bit depressing and I want a cheerful blog. So please answer the poll on the right.


rhaindropz said...

you're pretty even without makeups!!! i love the changing looks hun =) so adorable.. i could still remember my prom days =)

Parisky said...

@Rhaindropz: Thank you :D I remember it too! On my prom I had a golden dress :)

Tamara said...

Hmm.. ma dej pobarvaj se na rdece...

Parisky said...

Hm.. ma dej pobarvaj se ti :P

Jian said...

Ahh you are beautiful in all the photos! I especially love your natural hair colour! =D

And your friend who photographs you does a brilliant job!! =)

Parisky said...

@Jian: Thank you :D Actually many friends have taken my pics :)

gejba said...

I love straight red hair on you.

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Gejba: Thank you :) Redheads rock! :)