Complementary colors EOTD part 2 + NOTD funky party

I really liked my yesterday's EOTD (if you missed it, click here) so I decided to try other complementary color combinations :)
I went wit purple(ish) and green. I think this one looks nicer with my eyes :) Sorry for the not so sharp pics (mobile phone)

And my NOTD. I've never tried out this nail polish before (Visions bungee jumper) and I realized it's really pretty :) I paired it with Eyeko disco polish.

Now I'll finally go write my essay for tomorrow's Italian class

XOXO Parisky


Tali said...

gorgeous eyes! it makes them so blue!! And gorgeous nails too!!

R.C. said...

I always love your looks, and your shopping finds! Beautiful tropical and uplifting color choice :)

Aralka said...

Wow! You connect colors very nice! great blending! i love it

Parisky said...

@Tali: Thank you :) I agree with you! They really look more blue (that depends on the light too),

@R.C. :D Thank you! I'm really glad someone reads my entries :) It really wasn't a makeup many would wear. That makes it even more interesting! :)

@Aralka: Thank you!