Review: Adidas Intensive deo anti-perspirant stick

As promised here is another review :) This time I decided to do an anti-perspirant review, because we all use them and it's really hard to find a suitable one for you in the whole bunch of anti-perspirants.
I've tried them all and only two until now really worked for me. The first one wore off when I went to the gym/jogging/with my bicycle to the school. Of course I know that an anti-perspirant isn't supposed to work when you go jogging, but who wants to run on a treadmill near someone who smells bad? Or as you decide to go for a walk and you meet someone who makes your heart beat faster but your deodorant fails? :/
Well as I said before, I've tried them all. My most recent was that advertised Garnier Mineral Deodorant which failed.

Than I decided to try this one out. It says: 48 hours anti-perspirant, anti-odour, dry max system (like we knew what that is supposed to be), anti-whitening.
So far so good. But let's take a closer look of it.

You have to use it in 36 months (woaah that's a lot)

And the ingredients
Now to my experience with it:

I've been using it for about a month and it really works! I go to school with a bike (7 km in one way) and it stays on! Even after a whole day of running up and down (school, lunch break, school, shopping) it's stays on :)


+ stays on even after a long day
+ still stays on after sports
+ smells nice
+ doesn't stain your black clothes


- It lasts 36 months (that surely can't be good for your skin)


Love it :) I definitely recommend it!

XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

Ma ja.. ce si naredis stock je 36M super roba!
Kaj pa make up, a a a ki zdrzi 36 mesecev? Ali laki, ki prezivijo celo zivljenje??

Parisky said...

Eee ja za stock itak :) Sam se ga verjetno prej naveličaš :D
Za makeup no comment, laki pa itak so strupeni :P