I took this picture yesterday and immediately some questions popped up in my head.

What is freedom to you? When do you feel free?

I feel free when I look up in the sky on a sunny day or after a tempest.

For me freedom is this:

I entitled it Sky is the limit

What about you?

XOXO Parisky


R.C. said...

freedom is doing whatever you like, whenever you like. Freedom is running into the ocean, swimming with a turtle... feeling like you are as wild as the animals and the nature around you. Feel better love! Take care of yourself... sending you positive get well vibes via blogger... lol!

Parisky said...

R.C. I agree with you :) Oh, I wish I could swim with the turtles, but we don't have them here :/

Thank you! I'm already feeling better *hug*