Back to school + EOTD + flowers

Yap that's right :) Today was my first day at school and I survived it! Actually it wasn't that bad we had just two hours of classes. Afterwards we got to Muller (cosmetics store and all other things that a wo(man) needs) and I got my favourite lip balsam (Carmex).

Yesterday I was at a dinner at my bf's grandma :) This is the EOTD of yesterday. Sorry for the yellowish images but I took them under a yellow tent :P

While I was there (Pliskovica) I took some pictures as well :) The grapes weren't yet red or orange or any of the autumn colors so instead I took some pictures of flowers because all the animals were gone (horses, sheep, goats) somewhere else.

Argh this slow (internet) connection is killing me! To upload one picture it takes a few minutes!

And last I've been tagged :) I'll do the tag on the weekend when I'll have more time and a faster connection.

That's all for now

XOXO Parisky