Another haul + straightened hair + OOTD + EOTD


Another haul? This time is more clothes oriented :) H&M was having a sale so I had to check it out! This is what I got.

A pair of bracelets :) It's actually pastel blue and very pretty :D

A pair of leggings in pink and yellow that are a must for this autumn :)

And a nice shirt. Very 80s

This is the actual color. Here you can see how the mesh looks like.

I also straightened my hair. This was quite an experience :P (lots of hair)
But maybe you can't see it well in this picture.

My outfit of the day with the new things. Don't mind the silly face :D

And my eyes of the day. I've used my favourite palette of Coastal scents that I by the way love! It has got so many colors and you can wear a different makeup every day :)

Today I went with silver to enhance the color of my eyes.

Oh and there is something new in my everyday life too! :) Next week I will start learning a new language! I wanted to learn french but all the classes were taken (so maybe next year) but instead I'll be taking Hungarian class :D That'll be hilarious :)

XOXO Parisky


Tali said...

You look great, very pretty!!! and i love your eye make-up!

Tamara said...

U sit, madzarscina.. hahaha cez eno leto bos stekala kaj vse oma simfa.. :D

Parisky said...

Tali thank you! :D You're so sweet :)

Tamara ja, to─Źno tako. :P

~tHiAmErE~ said...

you look gorgeous,hun!
i love your eyes too

you look sultry & so sexy!

those bangles are the bomb!
i sure wish i can wear some..
my arms are so fat that bangles doesn't fit

Parisky said...

Thank you so much Thaimere!:)
I'm sure you can wear some bangles ;)